Garden Update: 7/18/2016

We’re back for another garden update which means it’s been two weeks already! Those two week periods seem to be going faster and faster as the summer rolls along! I don’t have a lot of words today, just a lot of pictures for you, so I hope you enjoy!

garden 1The North bed is doing great!  The Tickseed that I purchased from Natural Plus Nursery this spring is blooming like crazy (the red & yellow flower).  The phlox are finally in full bloom and they are some of my favorite as they are so vibrant!

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Saucy Beef Sandwiches

Summertime meals are a funny thing, but what isn’t funny is how crazy good these Saucy Beef Sandwiches are!  What are your favorite foods or dishes to make during the summer?  We grill a lot which is fantastic, but I’m always looking for new things to try without heating up the house!

I find the seasons of Iowa to be fickle.  During the summertime I get tired of “summertime food” and crave a cold day and a good casserole.  During the cold winters, I just want to be able to eat a grilled burger!  Well, recently between our normal grilling and camping, I was really tired of grilled food, so I threw a roast in the crock-pot for supper that day.  The next day I decided to make some barbecue beef sandwiches, but plain old, run of the mill sandwiches held little appeal.  I wanted something with a bit deeper, richer taste!

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Waterhawks Ski Show

Free, family fun!  How great is that combo?  The Waterhawks Ski Show gives you just that!  4th of July weekend, T and I headed to Waterloo to camp again just like we did last year.  I made the declaration that we were going to try something new, go somewhere new, etc.  Thanks to the help of the Waterloo Convention & Visitor’s Bureau I learned about the Waterhawks Ski Show and I decided that it would satisfy my desire to “take in” something new and hopefully hold T’s interest!

So, Friday night we followed the directions from their website  to their lake to see what this was all about.  The Waterhawks Ski Show is free to the public to attend.  You just drive in, park, and find a place to sit.  You’re welcome to sit on their stands or take blankets and lawn chairs.  We were there early enough (not knowing what to expect for a crowd) that we were able to back our truck up to the viewing area and set up our chairs in the back to get a perfect view!  Then, we walked around and checked out the facilities and grabbed something to drink from their concession stand.  While there is no charge to get into the event, make sure to grab a snack from their concession stand  to help support them.  You can pick from drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic), candy bars, pizza, popsicles, and chips!

wh 1

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Random Monday Thoughts, 7/11/2016


It’s Monday again!  Can you believe that?  Wow is the summer flying by! Monday seems to come faster each weekend! I hope your summer is going well and you’re finding time to stop, relax, and enjoy the experiences around you! Now, on to my random thoughts!

  1.  Weekends go too fast – I’d like to find any human that doesn’t feel this way!  Heck, I think even Ms. Nike feels this way because she loves having us all at home!
  2. I cherish times with my guys – R is busy working a lot this summer, so between that and spending time with his girlfriend we see him very little!  I’m very much looking forward to our family vacation to spend some time with him!  This past weekend, I went to a tractor pull with T & M and I loved every minute of being with them!  Is a tractor pull my favorite thing to do on a Saturday night?  Nope, but M loves them and so I go with because I just love being with them!
  3. Everyone needs to have a down day!  Yesterday, T and I did very little!  Between being up late two nights in a row and the rainy weather here in North Iowa….we had little motivation. And by mid-day, I had come to grips with the fact that we were having a lazy day and I was soooooo good with it by the end of the day!  Life has been crazy busy since summer started (who am I fooling, it’s always crazy busy) and the next couple weeks are busy, so it was good to just chill, watch TV, and be together!  I think everyone needs to do that every once in awhile!
  4. We love to grow vegetables, not necessarily eat them! Yup, there’s my confession for the day!  T and the boys eat very few vegetables (not from my lack of trying) and I love what I eat, but I don’t eat a large variety of them!  This past weekend we picked green beans (my favorite) and carrots from our garden.  The carrots are all being sold at farmers market tonight!  Why?  Well, we don’t like large carrots.  If we eat carrots, it’s baby carrots only and only raw.  Randomly, I will chop them up and use them in soups, but that’s it!  T and I both agreed last night that we both love growing vegetables in our garden, but are probably going to be venturing into the world of farmers markets more because we don’t necessarily like to eat everything we grow!  I’m ok with that!
    Some of our harvest from our garden!
    Some of our harvest from our garden!

    5.  Waiting for vacation is like waiting for Christmas! Our family vacation is coming up very soon and I can’t wait!  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning!  I love our family vacations for a couple reason.  The first reason being that I get uninterrupted time with my three favorite guys and the other is because I love watching the boys (and listening to them) experience new things, see new places, etc. Finally, I love to listen to them later reminisce about our trips and experiences!  That’s my motivation to keep working hard, saving money, and doing what I have to do to provide these trips for the boys!

I hope you all have a great Monday and a fantastic week and come back for some new things on the blog!  This week you’ll find a new fun, family based activity here in Iowa and a new recipe!  Thanks for stopping by today!

Campfire Cinnamon Bites

We’re always looking for fun new foods and dishes to make when camping and these Campfire Cinnamon Bites are just that!  And the best party?   They are super simple and extra tasty!


Recently on a camping trip of just T and I we decided to experiment.  We do this a lot.  We typically test things out and then introduce them to the boys if they are a success.  I can guarantee that we’ll be introducing these to the boys!

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Wordless Wednesday: Dwelling Place


Psalm 90:1-2 – “Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout the generations.  Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole word, from everlasting to everlasting you are God!”

Garden Update, 7/5/2016

Two weeks has passed already and I’m ready to update you on the garden! If you haven’t been, you really should follow me over on Facebook and Instagram because I give daily updates on the flowers I find in my garden and the vegetables I’m harvesting! I’m happy you’re here though, so let’s take a look!

window boxesThe window boxes are slowly filling in and adding some bright color to the front of the house!  A couple more more weeks and you won’t see much space between them!

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Wordless Wednesday: Peace

pond new

Romans 15:13 – “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”