Random Monday Thoughts, 6/20/2016


It’s Monday. It’s Monday Night…does that tell you anything about how my last couple days have been? It seems that life moves faster and faster every day and every month! But, I digress..Here are my thoughts for today!

1.  Two is better than one! Father’s Day was this past weekend and of course we celebrated T, but we also celebrated my dad and my step-dad.  That got me thinking…I’m blessed to have two father figures in my life who love me and support me and my family!  I thank God daily that he used a bad situation (my parent’s divorce) to bless me with an additional father figure in my life.  My theory is that we cannot have enough people who love and care about us, so my cup runneth over!

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Garden Update, 6/14/16

Can you believe it’s already been two weeks since you got a tour of my flower gardens?!  Where does the time go??  I know mine has been full of baseball games, camping, and trying to get things done here at home!  I hope your enjoying summer as much as we are!  Now…let’s get to the important stuff, let’s see how things are growing!!

The Dragon-Leaf Begonias are slowing growing and filling in the boxes!  I still think I need to get a few fillers, but haven’t found just the right thing yet, so I’ll keep waiting!

window boxes

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Random Monday Thoughts


Well, here we are again!  It’s Monday again…it seems to happen faster and faster each week, doesn’t it?!  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but sometimes I have more to do at home than I can fit in in the weekend!

1.  Quiet Weekends are Good – For the past several weekends, we’ve been busy with family things, camping, baseball games, etc.  This past weekend we finally had a quiet weekend at home.  The boys were with their mom, so it was just T and I and we actually spent both Friday and Saturday night at home, just relaxing…grilling, watching movies (ok, he watched, I blogged).  But, it made me realize that everyone should have quiet weekends at home.  Because we both work full-time, we have a tendency to cram everything in on the weekends, but I think that might start changing…less cramming, more relaxing!  It helps me refocus and be ready for Monday

2.  Friends are the Greatest – A couple weeks ago I messaged Beth Ann of It’s Just Life and asked her if she would send us a couple whoopie pies to try, since they can’t be purchased here.  Some of my friends have the greatest hearts and Beth Ann is one of them!  She knows how much our boys love doing taste tests, so not only did she send us a couple…she sent us 12!!  And so last week, we had a Wicked Whoopie Pie taste test!  We had fun tasting each one and surprisingly, the Raspberry & Cream was the winner!  But, more importantly Beth Ann knew us well enough to know how to contribute to our family memories and that means the world to me!!

Parts of our whoopie pie taste test!
Parts of our whoopie pie taste test!

3.  I’m Grateful for Air Conditioning – I don’t think this needs much more explanation.  The heat of the summer in Iowa is here and I’m grateful for air conditioning, the end.

4.  Creating New Recipes is Fun – This past weekend, I created a new recipe!  Did you catch it yesterday?  If not, you can find it here. I really enjoy experimenting.  Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t…that’s the fun of it all!

5.  Life is Good – for all the things I complain about (heat, working, etc) I am blessed by God 100 times over and I continually try to focus on those things in my life!  Sometimes when I really think about it, I get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes because I am so blessed!!


Have a great Monday and week everyone!!

Guilt Free Strawberry Freeze

I think it’s safe to that summer is officially here in Iowa and this guilt free strawberry freeze is perfect for the warm days!  It’s been in the steamy 90’s the last three days and call me crazy, but I’m already over it!  I’m already tired of sweating!  I’m already tired of not being able to have the windows open, but it is Iowa, so I’m not sure what I expect anymore!  But, I digress…it’s summertime and here in our home, we are in full baseball, camping, and summer mode!  The boys have work, summer school, weight lifting, baseball, etc.

I’m trying to eat clean throughout all the summer fun/business, I really am!  And one thing I’ve found since eating clean is that my system can’t handle high sugar, high fat things any longer.  My gut can’t seem to process it and I end up feeling awful!  However that hasn’t stopped me from having cravings.   And as it’s gotten to be so warm here, I just want ice cream!! I want ice cream, strawberries, and chocolate! Not a bad combo, right?? So, how can I accomplish this without throwing all my clean eating efforts away?? I came up with this treat, Guilt Free Strawberry Freeze!

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Random Monday Thoughts, 6/6/2016


It’s Monday, which means time for another Random Monday Thoughts! We have to actually work five days this week! I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping it goes fast! We’re super busy this week with games and stuff (prepping for Friday in Franklin County over on Social Impact)! So, what’s going through my mind today?

1.  Weekends hardly seem long enough – I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my guys…whether it’s a weekend full of boys or one that is just T and I…I enjoy spending time with them.  It’s because I enjoy this so much that the weekends never seem long enough.

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Wordless Wednesday: Rejoice


Psalm 96:11-12 “Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let the sea resound, and all that is in it.  Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.”

Random Monday (Tuesday) Thoughts: 5/31/2016


Ok, so it’s not Monday and it’s actually Tuesday, but since yesterday was a holiday it feels like Monday, so it can count, right?  I sure hope so, because here are my random thoughts for the week!

1.  Our plans don’t matter – On Friday God reminded me that it doesn’t matter what we have planned for our day or lives, it’s his plan that matters.  About 10AM on Friday, my cell phone decided to completely stop working…like shut off, never to turn back on…stop working.  So, instead of taking off at 1PM to plan and prep for a weekend of camping (without being rushed), I zoomed off to Mason City to get a new phone and ended up still being rushed, but it all got done and was fine.  Why God had that plan for me on Friday, I have no idea, but…he taught me patience and to “go with the flow”…once again because I need lots of lessons in this!

2.  I like routine – As much as I like time off and vacations, I REALLY like routine.  I like always knowing where we each are going to be and for how long, etc.  I like a brief break, then I’m all about getting into a routine again, but that could be because I have OCD tendencies!

3.  I enjoy doing nothing – the older I get the more I enjoy doing nothing.  This past weekend, I really enjoyed doing “nothing” while camping meaning sitting in a chair, just staring off into space, or taking a nap…but doing, nothing!

4.  There’s nothing like seeing the progress of your gardens – For me, it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about my flower gardens or our vegetable gardens, I love seeing the process of everything growing and maturing.  I spent about an hour yesterday weeding our vegetable garden and I love how that looks after as well!  I also enjoyed walking around our property and seeing what was blooming!

Miniature Iris blooming in my garden!
Miniature Iris blooming in my garden!

5.  Their joy is worth my sacrifice – M is sooooo excited for vacation this year!  Over this past weekend, I think I heard him say “I’m so excited for Branson” about 3-4 times, which is a lot for him.  He’s excited for a variety of reasons, but it doesn’t matter to me what they are!  Seeing him so excited makes it worth T and I working several jobs, working extra jobs, not putting a deck on our home when we want, etc. so we can take them on family vacations and make memories with them!  

What are your thoughts on this Monday Tuesday?!  Have a great week and don’t miss this last opportunity to “Comment for a Cause: Laura & MS Walk!”

Flower Gardens: May 30th

I love my flower gardens. It’s taken me several years of being an adult and having my own home, but I really do love them now and I’m so enjoying taking care of them each year and watching them grow and develop!  When we moved into our home almost 4 years ago, the yard had been overrun by flower gardens…I mean seriously overrun.  There were more flower gardens than yard and due to the owners health they really hadn’t been given attention for quite some time.  Fast forward four years and we’ve eliminated a couple of those gardens (probably to the dismay of her family) in exchange for grass for our dog and boys to enjoy.  We’ve attempted to wrangle it down to one “wild” bed (it’s going to get tackled in the next year hopefully), two perennial beds, window boxes, and added a couple raised flower beds.

The wild bed!
The wild bed!

There are still a lot of flowers and I love it even more.  This spring I would say I’ve enjoyed working on and developing my gardens more than ever (Yes, I said “mine” as flowers are not T’s thing!!  He focuses on the vegetable garden!) So, what did I plant this year?

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