Random Monday Thoughts, 1/16/2016

It’s Monday again…I can’t believe it, but thankfully we had a weekend at home for a change! I haven’t had random Monday thoughts in quite awhile..well, actually I have, but haven’t had time to jot them down! So, here we are!

The Cold from H*!L – So, about January 5th, I started the symptoms of a small winter cold…sore throat from post nasal drip, slightly stuffed up, etc.  Over the next couple days the symptoms grew into a full-blown cold/sinus infection.  Last Monday found me home from work, sleeping on the couch most of the day, and headed to the doctor!  Armed with antibiotics, heavy doses of Sudafed, and nasal spray I spent Tuesday at home too!  The bottom of my nose is so raw from blowing and wiping it that I now have 2 cracks in the skin! UGH!  I’m not tired and worn out, but I am tired of having pressure on my ears, my nose constantly stuffed up, etc.  If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of this cold from H*!L, I’m open to suggestions!!

My current arsenal against this cold!
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Chicken & Asparagus Skillet – 21 Day Fix Approved

Time for a new recipe from me! WOOHOO! This Chicken & Asparagus Skillet is the perfect dish for eating straight from the pan or reheating for lunch! Packed full of protein and veggies with a little carb on the side for fun!

Prior to the Christmas season, I embarked on another round of the 21 Day Fix.  The more times that I follow through with the 21 days, the more adventurous and creative I get with my cooking.  While I tend to combine chicken and broccoli, I LOVE asparagus just as much, so I decided to come up with a new dish for my lunches!  When I think about cooking something, I often think about the re-heatability of a dish so I can use it for my lunches at work!

In my mind I worked through how I wanted this dish to come together and my favorite way to eat asparagus is sauteed, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that.  I also knew that it would deepen the flavor of the dish a great deal, instead of just steaming it.  To me, there are very few things as beautiful as sauteed asparagus!

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The 16 Best of 2016

I can’t believe another year has come and gone! I see so many social media posts about how awful everyone thinks 2016 has been and my heart hurts for those people! I mainly hurt because my 2016 has been phenomenal! Has there been frustrations, heart ache, things that don’t go exactly how we planed?! Absolutely, but that’s life.  We choose to focus on all the things that we’ve been blessed with in our lives and year! So, I thought I’d share with you 16 of my favorite pictures found on my phone from 2016!

Without further adieu and in no particular order:

 1.  This was our first day on our family vacation in Branson!  Not only were we excited to explore the area, but we were excited to be out of the truck too!  Plus, it’s me and my three favorite guys, so what could be better?

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Review: L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay System

It’s been awhile since I got a VoxBox from Influenster, so I was super excited when the L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay System came to my doorstep for me to try out!

I seem to have a hard time finding hair products (especially shampoo & condition) that work well with my hair type! Because of this I was super excited to give this new system a try!  In my VoxBox came three products:  the Clay Mask, Re-balancing Shampoo, and Re balancing Conditioner! The packaging on the mask says,

“Deeply absorbs oil and purifies the scalp, ultra fresh, lightweight roots!”

Introducing our 1st purifying pre-shampoo clay mask.  Used before your shampoo, it deeply absorbs impurities and excess oil at the root, for long-lasting fresh, beautiful hair.”  

I will admit that one thing I struggle with is oil roots.  I’ve always had oily roots, but now that I work out so hard in the morning, it seems to be worse.  I’m not one of those people that can go 48 hours without shampooing their hair…well, I could, but it would just be downright gross!   This new system from L’Oreal boasts “up to 48hr purified roots + hydrated ends”…obviously I was intrigued.  It also says that these products are ideal for people with oily roots and dry ends and that’s definitely me!

So, anyway…on to my testing.  One Saturday when I didn’t have to be anywhere right away, I gooped up my scalp with the mask and like any good review blogger, I put a stunning picture of myself on Instagram!

After letting the mask set for at least 5 minutes…(I think it actually ended up being about 10-15 minutes because that’s how my life goes), I headed for the shower, where I used the shampoo and conditioner!  So, did it work?  What did I think?

The pros:

  • Super easy to use all the products
  • The shampoo & conditioner can be used without the mask, if need be
  • My hair feels super clean and super soft when I use it!
  • The products smell really well and the scent hangs around, even after I’ve put other product in my hair and gone on with my day!

The cons:

  • In order to get the whole system done, you’ve got to be able to spare 5-10 minutes prior to your shower (not feasible for me on a day to day basis).
  • The system did not last me 48hrs, but I was going to be shocked if it did.

So, what’s my final verdict?!  I enjoy the system and will definitely continue using the shampoo and conditioner (and will probably purchase it once available in stores).  The mask will stay until I’m out.  Purchasing it later is still up for debate!  If you have oily roots and dry ends I would definitely recommend at least giving the Extraordinary Clay system at least one shot!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Click on “Disclosure Policy” tab for full details!

Wordless Wednesday – Salvation

Romans 8:38-39: “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Broccoli Lemon Chicken – Clean Eating

I’m in my final week of this round of the 21 Day Fix and I’m feeling better about it than ever before!  I’ve done a much better job at meal prepping and not buckling to everything around me.  Now, I’ll be honest and say that this doesn’t mean that I haven’t buckled at all, but it’s been within reason.  This Broccoli Lemon Chicken has helped me stay on track!

The 21 Day Fix is going well this time around! I’ve had plenty of challenges to stop me from succeeding too!  Do you know how hard it is to find a “clean” meal at a basketball concession stand?!  I’m proud to say that I’ve only eaten one walking taco.  Other times I held out until it was over and we hit the drive through at a fast food joint where I picked the grilled chicken sandwich and only ate half the bun.  I also selected apple slices instead of fries!  It was brutal, but I did it!  I also had a citizen bring me a plate of cookies at my full-time job!  There were 8 on the plate and I only ate 2!  Meal prepping has been a lot my success to this round and I’m loving how I feel inside and out!

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Right Now….This Is Life

Welcome as I look at where things are right now, in our lives!  Thanksgiving is over! I had 4 days straight with my guys and I couldn’t have been happier in those 4 days! I am so blessed! We’re now in the spring to Christmas!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s been a significant absence of me here on the blog. I’m back at that point where I feel like I’m drowning in life! Anyone else feeling that right now?! So, I thought I’d just give you a bit of an update of where things in our house and life is:

Right now…I’m in the midst of another round of the 21-Day Fix!  I was happy with the results the first time and haven’t really been eating “clean” the last several months and decided that right before Christmas was a good time to start! Check out how I feel about it, HERE!

Right now…R has started basketball season (last night) and we’re now at basketball games for about 4 hours two days a week.rye-bball

Right now…there is a load of laundry waiting for me to move it to the dryer!

Right now…I have a Norwex party this weekend and I’m thinking about how I should prepare for it, but just want to sleep!

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Wordless Wednesday: Works of the Lord


Psalm 104:24-25 – “How many are your works, Lord!  In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.  There is the sea, vast and spacious, teeming with creatures beyond number – living things both large and small.”