I’m so excited to announce that I am participating in the Live Healthy Iowa, 10-Week Wellness Challenge again this year! I’m also super excited because I’ve partnered with the Iowa Food & Family Project for this endeavour once again!  Last year was the first year that I participated and thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie of the team and the challenge to place first within our group!  So, of course I was game to participate again this year!  This is super exciting for you, my followers too!  Iowa Food & Family Project has given me some awesome goodies to giveaway to you, my readers, throughout the journey!


So, what is the 10-Week Wellness Challenge?!  An opportunity to focus your life around health and wellness.  Well, that is the short of it at least!  As a participant you can focus on increasing your activity, weight loss, improving your eating habits…or a little bit of all the above!

We all know that health and wellness is important for me, but I have to admit that by this point in the winter, I’m starting to struggle!  Comfort foods are usually high in fat and calories and not good for my waist or my gut!  I’ve struggled the entire month of January to stay focused on eating right, but thankfully working out has never been a problem for me! (I LOVE to workout!)  All of these reasons are why I decided to participate in the 10-Week Wellness Challenge once again!  Not only will I make sure to get my weekly workouts, in…I’ll probably be looking for ways to “up” my activity minutes as well!


Next, of course, comes eating!  I need to get back onto the clean eating path again!  Sadly, as much as I love the taste of a lot of the “unclean” foods, my gut doesn’t like them and I just feel yucky!  I feel like a sloth and constantly bloated.  So, this weekend was full of meal planning, food prep, and preparing myself mentally for another round of clean eating!  Of course, I’ll be following my own tips that you can read about HERE!  I’ll also be relying on this list of clean eating approved foods!

Meal prepping at it’s finest!

While we’re talking about food, we can’t forget to mention the Iowa Food & Family Project!  What a fantastic group of people!  They are dedicated to educating people, so they know the food they are eating is safe, affordable, and delicious!  They also work to help people to make good food choices!  Well, this awesome group of people have graciously offered me 3, $10 certificates for fresh pork or beef for my followers!  Want to enter?  Do it below!

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Do you have a 10-Week Wellness Challenge group?!  I’d love to hear about it!  What is your favorite exercise!  And make sure to check back for updates on my 21 days of clean eating and my 10-Week results!

6 comments on “10-Week Wellness Challenge – Again!”

  1. My favorite way to work out changes with my mood. 🙂 Walking is a classic, but I always enjoy it and I can manage in bad weather on the treadmill. I also really enjoy barre class or doing some sort of weight lifting activity.

  2. Kickboxing .. I started four years ago and have yet to find anything that makes me feel quite as good. Walking is a staple for me .. I try to go 30 – 60 min every day. I’m so excited to see how well our group does!

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