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Cooking with Herbs at Enchanted Acres

It’s a well-known fact that I love Enchanted Acres, the pumpkin patch.  I sing their praise each fall over their strawberry jam and caramel apple sundaes! Plus, the owner Shannon is such a great person that it makes it easy to be a cheerleader!  This past weekend, Shannon invited me to come out and participate in one of her workshops, Farm to Table Herbs & Butters.  This awesome workshop was taught by Mary Lovstad of Farm Girl Cook’n and Farm Girl Weddings!

I’ve known Mary for several years as we are both members of the North Iowa Bloggers.  I also know she is an incredibly talented cook, but her knowledge of herbs during this workshop blew me away!  I’m not one to cook with fresh herbs. I don’t grow any, I don’t have access to many, and to be honest they have always scared me! Thankfully, with Mary’s help, I’m feeling more confident than ever!


What You Don’t See in Agriculture!

#Plant16 is in full swing here in Iowa and that means lots of long hours for those in the agriculture community!

When you are a farmer or involved in the agricultural community there are a lot of things that are normal to you or that you’re used to seeing. When you’re not it’s easy to be unaware of what is going on behind the scenes!  It’s easy to not know how much goes in to feeding the world.  I wrote a similar post about this same topic and you can find that HERE! But, for today..I want you to think about what you don’t see on the surface of the agriculture world.