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Let Them Eat Cupcakes

I’ve always been more of the “fun-hater” in our house!  I’m the “eat your supper before dessert” person or the “no sweet treats before lunch” person.  I’m ok with it!  Someone has to be that person and the boys and I have a great relationship regardless!  This past weekend however, I decided to live in the moment and relax a little!

World of Rules

Our world is full of rules today!  Eat this, don’t eat that.  Don’t do that, do this, etc.  It’s easy to get caught up in what is “right” and what is “wrong” and forget that life is happening around us each day!  When you’re raising kids, you are constantly worried that you are “screwing them up”.  Oh, that’s just me? Well, OK then! 😉  Society today has put so many expectations on us as parents or step-parents that it’s amazing our parents were able to raise us!

While I think rules are good, I also think they are an outline of how to live your life, how to make decisions, etc.  So, that being said…rules are made to be broken every once in awhile or stretched, right?!


A Fresh New Face

Just in case you came to this page looking for Learning As I Go…don’t worry, same page, same content, just with a new face!  Over the past three years, since I started blogging, my content and style have evolved.

When I first started, I had a strong emphasis on learning to be a step-mom, wife, and adult!  Now, while I’m always learning, my passions are food (like seriously, it’s a passion of mine), our family (gardens, taste tests, etc), and fun (our travel adventures)!  So, I thought it was time to officially make a change that makes sense to me and encompasses all of these items!  So, I introduce to you, Flint & Co – Family, Food, & Fun!  I think it’s pretty catchy and I love my new logo that Laura Meyer Design created for me!

Again, you’ll find the same content just with a different name and look!  I hope you like it!

What I’m Loving Right Now, June 2017

June is here, school is done (or almost) and that mean summer is official upon us!  It’s a new month, which also means it’s time for a new round of “What I’m Loving Right Now!”  It’s interesting what I love each month (even for myself to discover).  Some of it is material things and some of it is the intangible, but I think that is what gives our life balance!

Bed Sheets

Yup, you know you’re getting old when one of the things you’re loving right now is bed sheets, but I’m ok with it!  T and I have a love/hate relationship with bed sheets!  He’s pickier than I am, but I digress.  Back at Christmas, we asked for gift cards to Kohls to purchase new sheets (how grown-up of us, right?!)  and we finally used the card when we discovered that our favorite sheets at a hole in them!  What sheets did I pick up and am now loving?!  It’s these, the SONOMA Goods for Life, Everyday Sheet Set from Kohls!  I hate spending a lot of money on sheets and when you have a king size bed, they are spendy enough as it is.  I find these to be a perfect combination of quality and comfort!  They are great for heading into the warmer months as they keep that “cool” feeling, but also aren’t cold to the touch like the rest of our sheets!  I also like them because they aren’t too slinky feeling like some of the super soft sets.  These have some substance to their fabric and I like that!  If you’re shopping for new sheets, I highly recommend them!


What I’m Loving Right Now, April 2017

It’s a new month, April 2017, and that means a new series to my blog! Yay! Ok, maybe I’m the only one that is this excited about it right now, but I hope you eventually share my excitement!  I’m not a fashion or trend blogger and I’m not what one would consider high-class, but I’m real and I really love certain things, so I’ve decided to share them with you once a month!

Favorite Clothes

Gray Basic from Orange PossumThis is the first thing I’m loving right now!  I just snagged this basic tunic from my favorite boutique this past weekend, but I’m already swooning over it.  It’s basic, can be dressed up or dressed down and is uber comfy!  This past weekend, I paired it with some leggings and casual tennis shoes and it was perfect for grabbing supper out with my family!


10-Week Wellness Challenge Update & A Giveaway

I can’t believe that we are almost finished with the 10-Week Wellness Challenge!  It seems like only yesterday that The Iowa Food & Family Project invited me to join their team!  I was so excited when they did and I had such high hopes of blowing it out of the water this year!  HA!  Well, then life happened!Wellness Challenge

I’ve struggled with being healthy for the majority of my adult life!  I’m, what I call myself, a coping anorexic!  If you look at me today you wouldn’t guess that to be the case, but it’s true!!  You see,  being healthy has several different definitions.  Obtaining a healthy lifestyle depends on your own personal situation.  For me, being healthy is finding a balance with my eating and exercise.  All of this, along with “life” during the 10-Week Wellness Challenge has gotten me to these realizations:


10-Week Wellness Challenge – Again!

I’m so excited to announce that I am participating in the Live Healthy Iowa, 10-Week Wellness Challenge again this year! I’m also super excited because I’ve partnered with the Iowa Food & Family Project for this endeavour once again!  Last year was the first year that I participated and thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie of the team and the challenge to place first within our group!  So, of course I was game to participate again this year!  This is super exciting for you, my followers too!  Iowa Food & Family Project has given me some awesome goodies to giveaway to you, my readers, throughout the journey!


So, what is the 10-Week Wellness Challenge?!  An opportunity to focus your life around health and wellness.  Well, that is the short of it at least!  As a participant you can focus on increasing your activity, weight loss, improving your eating habits…or a little bit of all the above!


Random Monday Thoughts, 1/16/2016

It’s Monday again…I can’t believe it, but thankfully we had a weekend at home for a change! I haven’t had random Monday thoughts in quite awhile..well, actually I have, but haven’t had time to jot them down! So, here we are!

The Cold from H*!L – So, about January 5th, I started the symptoms of a small winter cold…sore throat from post nasal drip, slightly stuffed up, etc.  Over the next couple days the symptoms grew into a full-blown cold/sinus infection.  Last Monday found me home from work, sleeping on the couch most of the day, and headed to the doctor!  Armed with antibiotics, heavy doses of Sudafed, and nasal spray I spent Tuesday at home too!  The bottom of my nose is so raw from blowing and wiping it that I now have 2 cracks in the skin! UGH!  I’m not tired and worn out, but I am tired of having pressure on my ears, my nose constantly stuffed up, etc.  If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of this cold from H*!L, I’m open to suggestions!!

My current arsenal against this cold!


The 16 Best of 2016

I can’t believe another year has come and gone! I see so many social media posts about how awful everyone thinks 2016 has been and my heart hurts for those people! I mainly hurt because my 2016 has been phenomenal! Has there been frustrations, heart ache, things that don’t go exactly how we planed?! Absolutely, but that’s life.  We choose to focus on all the things that we’ve been blessed with in our lives and year! So, I thought I’d share with you 16 of my favorite pictures found on my phone from 2016!

Without further adieu and in no particular order:

 1.  This was our first day on our family vacation in Branson!  Not only were we excited to explore the area, but we were excited to be out of the truck too!  Plus, it’s me and my three favorite guys, so what could be better?


Right Now….This Is Life

Welcome as I look at where things are right now, in our lives!  Thanksgiving is over! I had 4 days straight with my guys and I couldn’t have been happier in those 4 days! I am so blessed! We’re now in the spring to Christmas!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s been a significant absence of me here on the blog. I’m back at that point where I feel like I’m drowning in life! Anyone else feeling that right now?! So, I thought I’d just give you a bit of an update of where things in our house and life is:

Right now…I’m in the midst of another round of the 21-Day Fix!  I was happy with the results the first time and haven’t really been eating “clean” the last several months and decided that right before Christmas was a good time to start! Check out how I feel about it, HERE!

Right now…R has started basketball season (last night) and we’re now at basketball games for about 4 hours two days a week.rye-bball

Right now…there is a load of laundry waiting for me to move it to the dryer!

Right now…I have a Norwex party this weekend and I’m thinking about how I should prepare for it, but just want to sleep!


Random Monday Thoughts, 10/31/2016


It’s Halloween and November is tomorrow. Holy cow the fall has gone fast!!  We’re still on “vacation” mode since the ending of football and cross country seasons and it’s glorious although, I will admit…sometimes I’m not 100% sure what to do with all my time!

Halloween is not for me! We don’t really observe Halloween in our house.  I have some fall/autumn/pumpkin decorations, but we don’t do witches, ghosts, etc.  Thankfully the boys are old enough that they don’t trick or treat, so no worrying about a costume.  And we’re the scrooges of the block…we don’t hand out candy!  Normally, we sit in our house with all the lights off until the commotion dies down.  Yup, we’re those people!

Friday nights at home are weird.  We had our first Friday night at home this past weekend since August 12th…no joke!  It was awesome!  R and I both concluded that it didn’t even really feel like a Friday night since we weren’t at a game.  And we officially have only 4 more before basketball games start on Friday nights!  I’ll take them while I can get them!

Home is good.  We were home all weekend.  Yeah, we went to my  mom’s for supper on Saturday night and game night, but other than that we were home.  I was reminded of how much being at home with my three guys makes me happy.  There is nothing better in this world to me!

The real heroes to me.  The real heroes in the world to me…or at least at this moment are the makers of coffee and leggings.  I mean really ladies, is there anything better?  The end.

When I’m Not Busy, I Can Create – Now, that we’re in between season, I have time to just “be”.  It does amazing things for me and my psyche.  When I’m not running a mile a minute, I can have time to create..not only recipes for the blog, ideas to give back (more coming on this later this week), and ways to be more in the moment with my family.

I hope you have a fantastic week!!