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Dear Friend Who Doesn’t Sell Something

I know how you feel! You feel bombarded by every direct sales company out there: body wraps, lipstick, face cream, cleaning products, pretty nails, jewelry, food storage, etc…there is so much of it!  It feels as though you can’t scroll through Facebook anymore without the majority of your friends trying to sell you something, right?!  Well, you probably are right!  As someone who has been been in the direct sales business for almost 5 years now, here a few things we sellers want you to know and keep in mind!

The Letter

Dear Friend Who Doesn’t Sell Something, 

First, we totally respect you for not selling something, but we want your respect for choosing to do so.    

We totally understand if you don’t want to support us by purchasing something we sell, but it would mean the world to us if you would support us by listening to us or asking us about our product!  The little things matters and just knowing we have your support (with or without buying) us and our business is what we want!  If you hear someone mention a product we sell, it would be awesome if you would mention our name!  Send people our way!  That is a huge support and encouragement to us! 


Direct Sales & Social Media

Oh, where do I begin?? People in direct sales and social media…they make me want to cringe! Not all of them, but a handful of them!

Now, before you start hating on me for hating on DS…I am IN direct sales. I sell for two different companies!! I’ve sold for Jamberry Nails for almost 3 years now and Norwex for almost a year and let me tell you, I LOVE both companies that I sell for. I love the way their treat their consultants, I love the financial bonus it provides for me and my family, and most importantly, I love the products that I sell…if I didn’t feel this way about either company, I’d drop it like a ton of bricks, but…people can trust me because I’m not selling 100% of the time!

Direct Sales is a balancing act. You have to balance selling and not selling as to not push your family and friends away. I also know how hard someone in direct sales has to work to make a profit! Today, it seems like everyone is a consultant for something and there are a million and a half companies out there! It is because of that that I have to be even more conscious to be careful not to push my friends and family away with my sales! So, here are a few simple tips to remember.


Facebook Group or Page for Direct Sales??

You’re in business! You’ve got a brick and mortar store or have just decided to start selling for a direct sales company! You’re very excited to start spreading the word…now, to get a presence on Facebook, right? The number one rule is to not flood your personal feed with your business!! (See THIS post if you’re curious about why!) That’s great and I commend you for getting out there. But, do you start a Facebook page or a group?? It’s all so overwhelming!! To help you succeed and not lose any friends or family, or even business in the meantime, I’ve created a couple lists for you to consider when choosing a Facebook page or a group!!