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Tips for A Balanced Lifestyle, the 10-Week Challenge, & A Giveaway

It’s time for the annual 10-Week Wellness Challenge that is put on by Live Healthy Iowa each year and I’m so excited to be participating with the Iowa Food & Family Blogger Team again this year!

Some Background…

For the third year in a row, I’m joining a group of Iowa bloggers on the Iowa Food & Family Project’s team!  Catch those other bloggers here!

Lisa C from Midwest Mom Life

Stephanie G from Been There, Baked That

Shari H from Inked & Educated Mom

Kelli K from The Sustainable Couple

Kathy V from Kathy’s Kitchen

Mary L from Farm Girl Cook’n

Head over to their blogs and follow their social media channels to follow thier journeys!


Garden Update, August 7th 2017

I’m pretty sure two weeks is going faster the further we get into the summer!  But, here I am back with a Garden Update!

Life As It Is!

Life as we know it has been busy with lots of random events!  We visited the Hancock County Fair for their night of destruction with M and several family members and friends!  It’s good old fashioned county fair fun!  I’ve had meetings for work as well as actually getting to enjoy time at home in the evening where we work in the gardens, walking Nike, and relaxing.  This past weekend, T and I got to take in an overnight in Des Moines including an iCubs game with his company!  It was great to get away for a mere 24 hours and focus on each other and having fun!

It’s Not All Roses

I’ve always been happy to show off my beautiful gardens and flowers, but…it’s not all roses!  Nope, there are parts of my gardens that I don’t like!  And…for a change, I decided to share those with you today!  These are my raised beds around our flag pole and I’m not happy with them this year…at all!



10-Week Wellness Challenge Update & A Giveaway

I can’t believe that we are almost finished with the 10-Week Wellness Challenge!  It seems like only yesterday that The Iowa Food & Family Project invited me to join their team!  I was so excited when they did and I had such high hopes of blowing it out of the water this year!  HA!  Well, then life happened!Wellness Challenge

I’ve struggled with being healthy for the majority of my adult life!  I’m, what I call myself, a coping anorexic!  If you look at me today you wouldn’t guess that to be the case, but it’s true!!  You see,  being healthy has several different definitions.  Obtaining a healthy lifestyle depends on your own personal situation.  For me, being healthy is finding a balance with my eating and exercise.  All of this, along with “life” during the 10-Week Wellness Challenge has gotten me to these realizations:


20 Easy Healthy Meals & A Giveaway

I’m a little over half-way through the 10-Week Live Health Iowa challenge and it’s continuing to push more to be more active and eat better than ever!  A misconception of eating healthy is that is has to be involved, complicated, and take a long time.  I have to admit that I probably even thought that a time or two in my adulthood too!  But, thankfully I know now that this isn’t true!!  So, I have for you 20 Easy Healthy Meals & Snacks!


All of these can be made up ahead and frozen and reheated when needed.  This really helps to cut down time in the morning and also makes them portable to work, school, etc.  


  • Turkey Lettuce wraps
  • Salad with tuna and chunked chopped veggies
  • Taco Lettuce Boats
  • Whole Wheat Turkey Sandwiches with lots of veggies
  • Southwest Taco Salads

My trick for lunch is think light and fresh.  Especially when working or attending school, you don’t want a heavy meal that’s going to weigh you down the rest of the day! 


The greatest thing about the majority of these meals and recipes is that you can prepare them and enjoy them for supper and put them in the freezer for lunches!


Just because we’re eating healthy doesn’t mean we can’t snack, right? 

Need some more tips for eating healthy and more clean?  Check out my Top 5 HERE!


Now, for the fun part, A Giveaway!  Like I said I’m a little over half-way through the Live Health Iowa 10-Week Challenge and while I haven’t lost the few pounds that I was hoping too, it has pushed me to work out a little bit more and eat a little healthier!  And, the folks over at Iowa Food & Family Project (they are sponsoring our team)
have so graciously given me some goodies to giveaway!  So, enter below at your chance to win one of 5 gift packs which will contain their awesome cookbook and a killer wooden spoon!  Enter here and remember how easy it is to eat healthy!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Natural Plus Nursey & A $100 Giveaway

Myself and 6 other North Iowa Bloggers visited fellow blogger Mary at her home and business, Natural Plus Nursery, yesterday! What a special treat we got!! Natural Plus Nursery is located between Clear Lake and Mason City just off Highway 122. It’s a great location nestled amongst the trees and nature! We were lucky enough to visit the grounds and Nursery a week before their grand opening for the season.  I was greeted by Mary and her canine pal, Maggie, who seemed to take to anyone who would show her a little love!

Miss Maggie!
Miss Maggie!


We Need In-Home Pet Sitters & a PETCO Giveaway!

In case you didn’t know, Nike is our beloved Shiba Inu.  She is the queen of our family and the only other female in my boy-dominated house! She is also very much a momma’s girl and a diva! I wrote a whole post dedicated to her awhile back that you can find HERE!

Spring is here and summertime is fast approaching.  Nike LOVES this time of year for several reasons.  She loves just laying outside and watch the world go by. She also loves this time of year because the whole family spends lot’s of extra time outside and much more of it together!


Sword Hydration: A Hydrating Review

 I received a SWORD Specialized bottle and samples of Sword Hydration drink mix  for the purposes of reviewing.  All thoughts & opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Back in November I completed my first review of StrideBox.  In that first months delivery I received a sample of SWORD Hydration drink mix.  Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and I received an email from Shawn Stasko, the Co-Founder and CEO of SWORD.  He had read my review of his product and wanted to send me some more to try and review!  After how pleased I had been with my first experience, how could I say “no”?  When my package arrived, I was

The package of goodies sent to me by the people at SWORD!
The package of goodies sent to me by the people at SWORD!

very pleased!  Not only did he send me samples of the Berry & Ginger Citrus flavors that they already produce, he sent me a SWORD bottle that is designed by the people at Specialized (you know…the bike people?)! I received 2 samples each of their Berry & Ginger Citrus drink mix (already produced) and he sent me 2 samples of the Orange & Green Apple flavors that they are working on developing at this time!  He was great about providing me instructions on how to mix the product as well!


Warm Up with a Winter Giveaway!

I’m am so blessed that I have awesome parents! I could go on and on in this post on why they are awesome,but today…my mom is exceptionally awesome today because she crocheted an infinity scarf and boot cuffs for me to giveaway!!

The scarf, headband, and 2 pairs of Bootcuffs that my mom has made me this winter!
The scarf, headband, and 2 pairs of Bootcuffs that my mom has made me this winter!

It’s cold and blustery outside, so how better to warm up than with a cozy infinity scarf and coordinating boot cuffs!  I’m lucky to have an infinity scarf, headband, and 4 pairs of boot cuffs made by her this winter!  Click on the picture below to enter and I know if you receive them you won’t be disappointed!


*the products for this giveaway were provided by Katy’s mom and the contest ends at 11:59PM on 2/28/2015*

#FitFriday – SparkPeople’s Total Body Sculpt

I received a #RealisticResolution package for the purposes of reviewing.  All thoughts & opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

0108151742Thanks to my awesome #RealisticResolution package from Gorton’s Seafood & SparkPeople, I received the DVD from SparkPeople “Total Body Sculpt”.

I’m usually very leary of workout DVD’s because I either feel like they don’t give me the results that I would like or require much more coordination than I have (I’m very uncoordinated and that’s why I stick to running and lifting weights with some elliptical thrown in every once in awhile.)