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The Fieldhouse: Clear Lake, Iowa – Farm to Table


If you’re looking for the newest and greatest food scene in North Iowa, look no further than Fieldhouse in Clear Lake!  With it’s farm to table menu, cozy setting, along with park & lake views, it can’t be beat!  With an every changing menu and farm fresh supplies, this is a unique dining experience that will blow you away!


Cooking with Herbs at Enchanted Acres

It’s a well-known fact that I love Enchanted Acres, the pumpkin patch.  I sing their praise each fall over their strawberry jam and caramel apple sundaes! Plus, the owner Shannon is such a great person that it makes it easy to be a cheerleader!  This past weekend, Shannon invited me to come out and participate in one of her workshops, Farm to Table Herbs & Butters.  This awesome workshop was taught by Mary Lovstad of Farm Girl Cook’n and Farm Girl Weddings!

I’ve known Mary for several years as we are both members of the North Iowa Bloggers.  I also know she is an incredibly talented cook, but her knowledge of herbs during this workshop blew me away!  I’m not one to cook with fresh herbs. I don’t grow any, I don’t have access to many, and to be honest they have always scared me! Thankfully, with Mary’s help, I’m feeling more confident than ever!


Eagle Point Park – Dubuque, Iowa

Where do you go to slow down?  I can’t say that we have ever had a regular place, but now that we have visited Dubuque, I think we have found it!  Recently, T and I headed over to Dubuque for a quick 24 hour trip to have some time to ourselves and slow down!  We stayed at the Hotel Julien and spent many hours just “being” together!  While we explored a few fun, but low-key places, this was probably our favorite and where we will return time and time again!

Eagle Point Park

For a whopping $1 per car, you get free reign of Eagle Point Park, which is owned by the City of Dubuque.  Take your time driving through the park and enjoy the many different levels of scenery!  Stop and explore the old buildings, lodges, and shelters that can be rented for a variety of events!  While we were there, we saw a 1st birthday party, a kids birthday party, and a wedding set up!  This would be an amazing back-drop for any event!  Then, head to the Mississippi overlook!  While we enjoyed explore several parts of the park, this was by our favorite!

Dam #11 on the Mississippi River


The Barrel House & Ice Cream – Dubuque, Iowa

Supper at The Barrel House and a snack of ice cream set the tone for our outstanding trip to Dubuque, Iowa a few weeks ago!  While we were there, we grabbed 2 full meals and a snack!  Breakfast in the morning was a Caroline’s Restaurant which is in the Hotel Julien and we highly recommend!

The Barrel House

For supper when we arrived in town, we headed to The Barrel House and what a treat it was!  It’s location is super handy when you’re staying at the Hotel Julien as it’s right across the street, which is one of the reasons we selected it!

T’s selection at the Barrel House!


Port of Dubuque River Walk

On a gorgeous day in Dubuque, Iowa one wants to enjoy the river and the weather!  We love walking along the Port of Dubuque River Walk!  Here you can slow down, enjoy the view, some art, and history all at the same time!

River Walk & Art Sculptures

This walkway is a paved trail that runs along the port/river and is adorned by lots of art sculptures!  Enjoy the view of the different art as well as reading about them at each stop!


The Hotel Julien Dubuque: Making You Feel Special

T and I recently made an overnight trip to Dubuque and stayed the Hotel Julien Dubuque.  WOW!  The Hotel Julien knows how to make a person feel so special!  Not only do they have spectacular accommodations, but the small things add up to make you fee extra special during your stay!

Hotel Julien
The gorgeous lobby at the Hotel Julien Dubuque

The Hotel Julien Dubuque has been present in historic downtown Dubuque for over 130 years!  After a $33 million renovation, they are shining brighter than ever!  Between its historic attributes and modern finishes, the Hotel Julien Dubuque is the prime example of a sophisticated hotel!  Not many hotels can claim to be modern and historic, luxurious and comfortable, but yet the Hotel Julien does just that!


Dubuque, IA: A Family Day Trip!

I’ve lived in Iowa my entire life and have never done anything, but drive through Dubuque, IA. Can you believe that?! Well, thankfully we solved that problem back in July and ended up having a fantastic family day trip!

In mid-June T and I determined that we were taking July 3rd off (it was a Monday) and spending the day with the boys!  Since selling our camper last summer (no time to camp), we promised them that we would do more weekend and daytrips and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!  So, after much research and debating, we settled on Dubuque area for the day.  We are so glad that we did!

National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium was our first stop of the day!  The boys love aquariums and so that was the immediate draw for us.  We also love learning about the Mississippi, it’s history, etc. so it made complete sense.  The first highlight was the stingray exhibit where the boys could touch them!  Who doesn’t love hands-on activities?!  We found the history portion of the museum very intriguing as we learned about the natives that had inhabited the area.  And of course the boys (all three) were drawn to the Riverworks Splash Zone, which is an area with different experiments and interactive activities using water!

Next, we headed outside to enjoy the outside exhibits.  We liked walking through the old river ships and barges that explained the history of their purposes and the river!  We especially liked the Steamboat William M. Black.  Exploring this old steamboat that was used to dredge the river was quite fascinating!  Of course, we also liked the Mississippi River Discovery Center & Aquariums because of all the tanks of fish and river otters!  Before we left, the boys had to try their hand at the remote control boats too!

R & M playing with the remote control boats the the National River Museum & Aquarium.


Celebrating Memorial Day Family Style: A Round-Up

This is the first year since T and I have been married that we aren’t camping over Memorial Day weekend! Can you believe it?!  This also means that I’m on the hunt for something for us all to do!  The boys will be spending the weekend with us, but R will be working, so it’ll be T, M, & I!  I decided since I was on the hunt, I’d put together a round-up of family friendly things to do in Iowa over the weekend!

So, let’s get started!

Iowa Veterans Cemetery – The Iowa Veterans Cemetery in Van Meter, Iowa is breathtaking.  Pack up the family and take a visit to talk about Memorial Day and it’s original purpose!  What better place to do this than in the Iowa Veterans Cemetery?!  Check out what Jeni of Sincerely Iowa thought when she visited.


2017 Garden Update, 4/24/2017

Can you believe it?! Gardening season is finally here! Well, according to the weather forecast, it’s gardening season for a day or two then it’ll be cold and wet again! Geesh!  But, I couldn’t wait any longer, so it’s officially the first Garden Update post!  Last year, I waited until the end of May and well…that is just too long!  So, here it is!

So, is there a lot to update you on with the gardens?  Have I actually done a lot in the gardens yet?  No, not really, but I am so stinking excited this year to share it all with you, that I figured we might as well start from the very beginning, right?!

Vegetable Garden

I basically badgered T this weekend to till our vegetable garden until he gave in!  It seemed dry on the top…well, maybe he was right and it was too wet.  However, he’s as stubborn as I am, so by the time he had tilled half of it, he told me I was planting it, so planting we did!  We put in cucumbers, green onions, radishes, tomatoes, and a row of green beans!  I’m hoping the sun and warm temps today will give those little seeds a jump start otherwise, I’ll never live this down!  (I think you can see from the picture how wet it actually can see where we packed it down in between rows!)  There is still the other half of the garden to till and plant (when and if it ever dries up) along with 2 other sections that are adjoining!

Vegetable Garden
April 23rd 2017 Vegetable Garden



Friday in Franklin County: Active Family Chiropractic – Sheffield

It’s been awhile, I know since we had a new Friday in Franklin County, but I’m super excited to introduce you to Active Family Chiropractic in Sheffield!  I didn’t grow up receiving chiropractic care, but after popping a rib head out several years ago and working with Dr. Hickman in Hampton and a massage therapist, I’m a firm believer now!

In the years since I’ve been to several doctors including Dr. Hickman and Dr. Claussen, who used to have an office in

Active Family
Dr. Trenary’s office in Sheffield

Sheffield.  When Dr. Patrick Trenary opened his chiropractic clinic after Dr. Claussen closed hers, I was hesitant to try anyone new again!  But, now after visiting this unassuming office on mainstreet in Sheffield and having access to a clinic just a half block from my office, which held great appeal, I haven’t looked back!

Dr. Patrick Trenary was an aircraft mechanic in the Marine Corps before he was a chiropractor.  When he left his military life, he knew he didn’t want to pursue that career any longer and a longtime friend of his was going to chiropractor school.  After spending time talking with his friend, it felt like a natural fit to him.  Dr. Trenary says, “When you address issues with the frame, function will return.  When the function returns, the issues that you were having, ie: pain and discomfort, will go away.”  And boy is he right!