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Dear Friend Who Doesn’t Sell Something

I know how you feel! You feel bombarded by every direct sales company out there: body wraps, lipstick, face cream, cleaning products, pretty nails, jewelry, food storage, etc…there is so much of it!  It feels as though you can’t scroll through Facebook anymore without the majority of your friends trying to sell you something, right?!  Well, you probably are right!  As someone who has been been in the direct sales business for almost 5 years now, here a few things we sellers want you to know and keep in mind!

The Letter

Dear Friend Who Doesn’t Sell Something, 

First, we totally respect you for not selling something, but we want your respect for choosing to do so.    

We totally understand if you don’t want to support us by purchasing something we sell, but it would mean the world to us if you would support us by listening to us or asking us about our product!  The little things matters and just knowing we have your support (with or without buying) us and our business is what we want!  If you hear someone mention a product we sell, it would be awesome if you would mention our name!  Send people our way!  That is a huge support and encouragement to us! 


Keeping Your Business Relevant in Today’s Changing World

As a small business owner change is inevitable.  The change may be in your staff, your marketing plan, or even your store set-up and location.  Change is a part of our lives and it seems to be happening faster and more often than ever before.  As a small business owner you have to constantly be on your toes with the ever changing trends!  Here are a few tips to help you focus on how to keep your business relevant in today’s world.

Identify Your Audience – Do you know who the audience of your business is?  Is it teens, 20 something females, middle-age or retired men?  Whoever your audience is, it is important find ways to reach them!  If you aren’t a member of your target audience, talk to them, find out where and how they learn about businesses similar to yours.  Make sure you’re following the trend!