If Disney World is the happiest place on Earth, then the Mall of America is the happiest place in the midwest!  Recently, my three favorite guys and I headed to the Mall of America to take on some shopping along with Nickelodeon Universe & Moose Mountain Adventure Golf!

Christmas Time

For the last two years, T and I have given the boys a shopping spree at the Mall of America for their Christmas present!  Last year, as we roamed the stores shopping for their gifts, we realized that at the ages they are, maybe they would like to shop for their own things, so we suprised them with a trip to the mall, an overnight stay at a hotel, and of course money to spend as their gift!  As it turned out, they loved the gift and actually asked to do it again this past Christmas!  It made our Christmas shopping so much easier and so we were more than happy to oblige!

This year, we were excited to add rides at Nickelodeon Universe, and mini golf at Moose Mountain Adventure Golf thanks to the awesome people with the Mall of America!  So, what did we think?!

Nickelodeon Universe

Located in the center of the Mall of America (and visible from 3 of the 4 levels) is Nickelodeon Universe!  Theme park rides named and themed after Nickelodeon shows and movies!  I’ve never been a big ride person due to easily getting motion sick!  M isn’t also a big fan of rides, but T & R were excited to take on the rides!  They both said that enjoyed the rides they took on!

The Pepsi Orange Streak is a great beginner roller coaster and takes you all over the park!  R took on the Avatar Airbender, one of the more extreme rides and absolutely loved it!  They also took on the Shell Shock ride and loved that one as well!  R, M & I went on a ride a little more my speed, Dora’s Ferris Wheel!  It was fun to see over all of Nickelodeon Universe from that angle at a speed that doesn’t make me sick! 😉  While we didn’t partake in them all, there are so many more rides and rides for all ages!

A couple things to keep in mind for your visit:

  • Lines will exist and they are quite long (at least on a weekend)!  So, plan accordingly for your time!  We only had one day to shop and ride, so we only partook in a couple rides due to wait times!
  • You can either purchase a wrist band, which provides unlimited rides during a day or you can buy points.  Each ride has a different point value.  So, if you only want to catch a few rides, this would be the way to go!
  • If you don’t have people in your group to watch your shopping bags, you will want to rent a locker to store them!
  • There are height requirements for several of the rides, so little ones might not be able to ride all rides

The rides were a great way to end our visit to the mall and relax a little after walking and shopping all day!  The boys enjoyed the adventures!

Moose Mountain Adventure Golf

I’m not entirely sure how long Moose Mountain Adventure Golf has been at the Mall of America, but I don’t remember seeing it last year!  Now, it’ll probably be one our repeat visits each time we go!  Our family has always loved miniature golf and enjoy trying new courses and taking on new adventures!  We’ve played MANY great miniature golf courses during our visits to Branson, so it takes a lot to impress us!  However, Moose Mountain did not disappoint!

Moose Mountain Adventure Golf provided us with great family fun!

Located on the 3rd floor (north end) of the mall, it’s easy to find with it’s mountain decor!  You are greeted by a little lodge and start golfing right away!  The course twists and turns throughout the space and you get to enjoy several different features, some more impressive than others!  We also thoroughly enjoyed the view of Nickelodean Universe from some of the holes!  It’s a great break from shopping and a way to keep the whole family interested in your visit to the mall and physically active!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind during your visit to Moose Mountain:

  • There’s going to be lines!  Especially on a weekend in the winter!  It’s ok, play moves at a decent pace and we promise you won’t be waiting for long!
  • Keep play going!  It’s easy to forget that you aren’t the only people on the course, but there are lots and be courteous to the others by keeping play moving along!
  • There’s no place to store your bags!  We actually ended up hitting Moose Mountain before all our shopping and it worked out well!  Just keep in mind if you have lots of shopping bags, you’ll have to carry them with you!
Moose Mountain
R found himself in a predicament while playing mini golf at Moose Mountain!

Our Conclusion

Whether you’re headed to the Mall of America to take on endless shopping or looking for a fun winter getaway for your family, we know you won’t disappointed!  Taking on Nickelodeon Universe and Moose Mountain Adventure Golf was the perfect way to connect as a family after the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Years! There’s something for everyone and we do believe it’s the happiest place in the Midwest!

PS – Make sure to stop by Macaroons by Maddie Lu and pick up a few to enjoy!  You’ll be hooked, I promise! 😉

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