It’s time for a garden update, which means 2 weeks has passed!

Keeping Busy

Our family has been busy with a variety of home projects, working evening construction with my dad, and some fun family days! The Monday before the 4th of July, T and I both took the day off to spend with the boys!  We headed to Dubuque for a family fun day and took in the Fenelon Place Elevator, the National River Museum & Aquarium, and then headed to Galena, IL to Chestnut Mountain Resort for segway tours!  We had a great day together!

Lilies, Lilies, and More Lilies

My lily bed is at prime blooming right now and while the rest of my gardens are pretty too, I’m obsessed with the lilies, so I decided to mostly feature those during this update!

I simply love the deep, rich color of this lily!

These are my most abundant lilies right now.  They are an Asiatic lily called Heartstrings!

I have three different varieties of day lilies and these lemon yellow ones (the color of the pictures really don’t do them justice) are some of my favorites and they just started blooming!

Isn’t there something magnificent and delicate about a white lily?!  These have been blooming for quite some time now and I still love them just as much!

This sweet yellow lily was a surprise.  I found him hiding in my wild flower bed amongst the other wild flowers.  I’m not sure how he got there as I don’t have yellow lilies anywhere else, but he’s adorable and will be moved this fall to the actual lily bed!

This stunning guy just opened this past weekend and while I don’t know what his official name is, I can tell you it’s in the Asiatic family and came in a “Parfait Mix” from Jung Seeds!  There is actually multiple of him blooming since I took the picture!

And just in case you were curious what all these lilies look like put together…here is the lily bed in it’s entirety!  You can see all the different lilies blooming, plus my miniature rose bush!  While it’s the lily bed, I have two rose bushes that also occupy the space an I’m hoping to move those elsewhere this fall!


Of course, we can’t forget the vegetable garden!  My tomatoes are finally blooming along with our watermelon and cantaloupe plants.  The carrots, onions, and cucumbers are growing great guns!  And…we’ve been picking green beans for a week now!  They are in prime production right now!  I just picked this bowl full last night!  (We had just picked on Friday night too!)


I promise to share more of the other gardens in two weeks, but I hope you’ve loved the close-up of my lily garden as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you!  What’s blooming in your garden?!


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