I’ve always been more of the “fun-hater” in our house!  I’m the “eat your supper before dessert” person or the “no sweet treats before lunch” person.  I’m ok with it!  Someone has to be that person and the boys and I have a great relationship regardless!  This past weekend however, I decided to live in the moment and relax a little!

World of Rules

Our world is full of rules today!  Eat this, don’t eat that.  Don’t do that, do this, etc.  It’s easy to get caught up in what is “right” and what is “wrong” and forget that life is happening around us each day!  When you’re raising kids, you are constantly worried that you are “screwing them up”.  Oh, that’s just me? Well, OK then! 😉  Society today has put so many expectations on us as parents or step-parents that it’s amazing our parents were able to raise us!

While I think rules are good, I also think they are an outline of how to live your life, how to make decisions, etc.  So, that being said…rules are made to be broken every once in awhile or stretched, right?!

Real Life Application

Remember how I told you that I’m the “fun-hater” parent?  Recently while having a weekend at home with T and the boys.  We had a pack of Scratch cupcakes sitting on the counter and at 11AM, I looked at M and said, “Do you want one?!”  I’m not sure who almost passed out first, him or T, but for the remainder of the day I had the attitude that life is too short to follow those ridiculous rules all the time!

My days with the boys are numbered and soon they both will be out of the house and I want to have FUN with them!  I want for them to learn how to balance rules and fun in life!  Life is not black and white, cut and dry, and they need to know that and learn when and when not to follow the rules!  So, we ate multiple cupcakes that day! And then the next day, we ate our breakfast and talked about getting homework done!  That’s balance, right?!

Let them eat cupcakes!

Finding Adventures at Home

It’s easy as a part-time travel blogger to always be looking for whatever next adventure lays around the corner!  Or, to constantly be thinking about what day-trip we are going to take the boys on next!  But, that day that we threw caution to the wind and ate multiple cupcakes, we enjoyed the adventures at home!  M went with me to run errands and get groceries.  M & R worked on a hunters safety online course.  T worked in the garage.  I baked one item of request for each guy (thankfully T & M requested the same thing! 🙂 ) We ate chili and cinnamon rolls, and played games together.  We laughed together and it made me realize that sometimes the greatest adventures we may have are right in front of us, in our own home!

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