June is here, school is done (or almost) and that mean summer is official upon us!  It’s a new month, which also means it’s time for a new round of “What I’m Loving Right Now!”  It’s interesting what I love each month (even for myself to discover).  Some of it is material things and some of it is the intangible, but I think that is what gives our life balance!

Bed Sheets

Yup, you know you’re getting old when one of the things you’re loving right now is bed sheets, but I’m ok with it!  T and I have a love/hate relationship with bed sheets!  He’s pickier than I am, but I digress.  Back at Christmas, we asked for gift cards to Kohls to purchase new sheets (how grown-up of us, right?!)  and we finally used the card when we discovered that our favorite sheets at a hole in them!  What sheets did I pick up and am now loving?!  It’s these, the SONOMA Goods for Life, Everyday Sheet Set from Kohls!  I hate spending a lot of money on sheets and when you have a king size bed, they are spendy enough as it is.  I find these to be a perfect combination of quality and comfort!  They are great for heading into the warmer months as they keep that “cool” feeling, but also aren’t cold to the touch like the rest of our sheets!  I also like them because they aren’t too slinky feeling like some of the super soft sets.  These have some substance to their fabric and I like that!  If you’re shopping for new sheets, I highly recommend them!

The Bone Crusher

Ok, maybe he doesn’t actually crush my bones, but that’s what T and I call it when visiting the chiropractor!  I cannot sing enough praises about my chiropractor, Dr. Patrick Trenary!  Growing up, we didn’t go to the chiro.  In fact, I didn’t start until I was in my early 30’s when I had my first rib head come out of place and cause me so much pain, I was in tears!  Then, I started going just when I was in pain of some sort!  Last May Dr. Trenary opened up his clinic (Active Family Chiropractic) two days a week in Sheffield (the town where I work) and while it took me awhile to get over there and trust him, I am never looking back now!  I go every two weeks without fail!  While he does basic adjustments on me each visit, he also tends to specific ailments: knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and more!  As a result, I’m sleeping better (like amazingly well for me), have very few headaches (maybe one every 3-4 weeks), and overall feel so much better!  If you’re in the North Iowa area, I would strongly recommend checking out Dr. Trenary, who has offices in Sheffield and Mason City!

Active Family Chiropractic

An “Open” Calendar

For the first time EVER, no one in our house is playing baseball!  I’m still not sure what to do with this!  Actually, I thought I would miss it because…well, I love watching the boys do anything.  However, the reality is, I’m thoroughly enjoying having an “open” calendar!  I use the term open loosely as we still have plenty of work meetings, appointments, and some weekend trips planned this month, but in general, we are the “freest” we’ve been since about….well, March or last November!   It’s great to have down time at home and not feel rushed here and there!  I foresee many fires in the backyard with my favorite guys and dog!  🙂

Younique Glorious Primer

I’ve never been a big makeup person!  I don’t even own a tube of lipstick…of course that could be because I hate the texture, but thanks to my friend Jenna (and Younique presenter) I’ve found a little love for some pretty fantastic pieces!  The very first thing I actually purchased from Jenna was the Glorious Primer and I’ve been in love every since!  Jenna tells us about the primer!

Glorious Primer is a velvety soft face primer that preps the skin for makeup application. Filling in fine lines and smoothing out pores, this primer allows for a smoother canvas to apply makeup too. Less product is used and better coverage is achieved, all while helping makeup look its best and last all day long.

The other thing I love about these products is that the company is fantastic!  (And I love supporting a mom providing for her kids and family!)

Younique is a global cosmetic and skincare company offering a naturally based product line inspired by nature. It is our goal to provide healthy, clean and pure products. With an in-house scientific team, we formulate products with high quality ingredients that enrich and nourish the skin.

So, while I may not a be a makeup guru, I’m going to make sure what I do use looks fantastic!

Younique’s Glorious Primer


Well, that’s it for this months “What I’m Loving Right Now!”.  I hope you’ve enjoyed!  Have something you love that you think I should try?!  Let me know!  Do you own a small business and have something you think I’d love and want me to review?!  Shoot me a message!!  Have a great June!


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