This was not my first visit to the Minnesota State Fair! In fact, it was actually my 3rd or 4th visit. I do however consider myself an expert in fairs! Not only was I involved with the Franklin County Fair in my hometown for more than 10 years, T and I love visiting different fairs and especially the Iowa State Fair!

So, what’s so great about the Minnesota State Fair?

Things To Do

You will not, I promise, run out of things to do at the MN State Fair!  The choices are endless!  If you have small children, we recommend heading to Math On A Stick!  Created as a way for kids and adults to both enjoy mathematical skills without actually doing equations, there are several stations that challenge kids to use their logical and creative brains at the same time!  The stations can change each day as well!  The day we visited, there was  a station that used balloons to create different shapes, etc.  Even the big guys found it entertaining!

The creator of Math On A Stick explaining the concept to us!

T and friend enjoying the balloon station at Math On A Stick

Of course, there are rides and other activities as well!  One of my favorites is the Eco Center, which features several exhibits on preserving our world and eco-system!  You can race these veggie cars…


Or check out this enormous Paul Bunyan which is made out of 110 t-shirts, 9 PG’s, 1 skirt, 1 robe, and 43 pairs of blue jeans!

The options for things to do are endless!


Between their several free stages and the grandstand, you won’t be bored!  Big name acts like Sam Hunt, Jim Gaffigan, and Nickleback are just a few of the acts that graced their grandstand this year!  There are also several free stages that have artists like Chris Janson & Tanya Tucker, Tonic Sol-Fa, and Romantica, just to name a few!  You’re bound to find something for everyone!


We enjoy checking out the vendors selling their goods at any fair and there is a large variety and many of them at the Minnesota State Fair!  Beneath the grandstand, you’ll find two floors of vendors!  On the North side of the grounds, you’ll find the Pet Center with it’s numerous pet vendors, as well as an avenue of dog breeds that you can actually pet!  (I’m not going to lie…other than the food, this was my favorite part!)

The Golden Retriever that I fell in love with in the Pet Center

There are also several large vendors set up around the grounds where you can check out sheds and buildings for your property, farm implements, construction companies, trucks, and more!


Let’s be serious, don’t we all attend fairs to eat the amazing food?  I’ll be the first to admit that T and I aren’t exactly adventurous.  I like trying new foods, but hate eating it all by myself, so I don’t traditionally stray too far out of the box!  But, we did eat some yummy things at the fair this year!  At the Minnesota State Fair, the choices are endless!  You can find it all from alligator to sweet corn, wine slushies to Kombucha,  fresh fruit to cheese curds.  They have it all!  So, what did we eat?

T and I began by splitting a very large corn dog, so we could sample other things!  And really, what’s a fair without a good corn-dog?!

Then, we moved on to dessert and I selected hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries and bananas.  They were fresh, chocolaty, and yummy!  T chose chocolate dipped cheesecake!

Like my hat?!  We actually bought at the fair in their international part!  See, I told you there was something for everyone! 😉

I also got to taste these fried Brie bites with wine sauce thanks to the  Minnesota Wine Growers booth!  I tried the wine sauce and chose to eat them without it, but seriously…these Brie bites were melt in your mouth amazing!  I’d take another order of them right now, if I could!

And finally, but certainly not least…you can’t forget the Sweet Martha’s!  My step-sister first introduce me to Sweet Martha and her amazing cookies a couple years ago!  These are the best cookies in a bucket that you will find anywhere!  They are so amazing that there are three stands on the grounds and they can crank out 190,000 cookies a day!  Yup, you read that correctly!  We, of course, snagged a bucket and took it back to the hotel with us as they are the perfect nighttime snack!

minnesota state fair


No matter what your interest is at the fair, the Minnesota State Fair is bound to fulfill your expectations!

I was provided two tickets to the Minnesota State Fair to facilitate my review, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!  Please see the Disclosure Tab for more details! 


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  1. I had so much fun following your trip! They did such a great job. Glad you could make it and try some of our favorite fair foods.

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