Did you know that today is National Plan for Vacation Day?!  According to a research project by Project: Time Off, more than 53% of Iowans left vacation days left unused!  I don’t know about you, but I make sure to use all those suckers up!  Throughout the year I work hard and want to have the time to relax, enjoy my family, and do things other than work!  Because I have roughly 25 years left to work, I’m going to make sure to use my time off now!

Park of National Plan for Vacation Day is actually planning a vacation!  In the past, by this point, we’ve had our summer family vacation planned already!  This year, we’re going about things a little different and doing one long weekend per month (June, July, August) with the boys and going and doing three totally different things!  We’re super excited to head to Roseville, MN, Omaha NE, and some place in Minnesota fishing, but we’ll save those for other posts!

In an effort to help you plan your vacation time, I thought I would do a quick round-up post with our favorite vacation spots and places we recommend, both near and far!

Iowa Vacation Spots & Day Trips

Amana Colonies –

In the fall, take a day trip to Sheffield and visit Enchanted Acres and their pumpkin patch!

Midwest Trips

Family Vacation Hot Spots

If you’re at a loss at where to use your vacation days, we have you covered!  Whether you’re looking for a local day-trip or a big family vacation, we have you covered!  Happy Vacationing!

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  1. My philosophy is to use all of my vacation each year (saving a small amount of an emergency). One long weekend per month sounds like a great plan!

    • We decided to that this year to spread it out and give us something to look forward to each month!! Love that you’re going to use all your vacation.

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