Garden Update, 7/24/2017

Can you believe two weeks have passed since the last garden update?! We went on our family vacation, the county fair is over, and I’ve been busy with meetings and training’s for work! I feel like I just blinked and two weeks were over!

Like I said, we went on our family vacation and enjoyed 5 days in Branson again!  I do promise there will be some posts coming about that when I get some time to breathe, but here’s a sneak peak at the highlight of the trip for me!

Yup, that’s me parasailing!  Parasailing is something that I’ve always wanted to do and I discovered that you could do it on Table Rock Lake, so T made sure that it happened for me and it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done!  It literally took my breath away (in a good way) and I can’t wait to do it again!


Mexican Quinoa Bowls: Clean Eating

mexican quinoa bowls

I love it when a new recipe comes together, as well as being healthy, and these Mexican Quinoa Bowls did just that!

My Eating Habits

My eating habits have been dreadful at best!  Life is busy (weekend trips, construction jobs, home repair, and work commitments) and through all this, my eating and health has taken a backseat!  I’ve been eating whatever is in the house and whatever is quick and easy!  We went a week extra without getting groceries, which also meant that a whole week went by without fresh veggies and fruit in the house!  This has all taken a toll on my body.  I’m moodier, am incredibly bloated, my pants don’t fit right, and overall feel yucky!  My workouts have been harder to complete and I sweat something crazy!  It’s amazing how our bodies adapt to the way we eat!  Put good things in and we get good things out!

Mexican Quinoa Bowls

mexican quinoa bowls


Garden Update, July 10th, 2017

It’s time for a garden update, which means 2 weeks has passed!

Keeping Busy

Our family has been busy with a variety of home projects, working evening construction with my dad, and some fun family days! The Monday before the 4th of July, T and I both took the day off to spend with the boys!  We headed to Dubuque for a family fun day and took in the Fenelon Place Elevator, the National River Museum & Aquarium, and then headed to Galena, IL to Chestnut Mountain Resort for segway tours!  We had a great day together!

Lilies, Lilies, and More Lilies

My lily bed is at prime blooming right now and while the rest of my gardens are pretty too, I’m obsessed with the lilies, so I decided to mostly feature those during this update!

I simply love the deep, rich color of this lily!


A Garden Update, 6/26/2017

Two weeks have flown by since the last garden update! Not only has our family been busy working and playing, our garden has been super busy growing, developing, and producing!

Keeping Busy

This is the first year that we have not had a baseball player since R started T-Ball about 10-12 years ago!  I thought we would have several weeks with downtime and room to relax, but that hasn’t been the case.  We are doing a large construction job on weekends and evenings with my dad.  In addition to that we’ve built a new deck at our own house this summer and are still working on that!  It’s all good though!  Lots of quality bonding time!  😉

Fruits & Vegetables

Our vegetable garden is finally growing rapidly and getting close to producing!  Our green beans are blooming, which means green beans come next!  Our red onions are getting bigger each week along with the carrots.  We’ve also officially picked a small handful of strawberries which has been the most exciting thing in the last two weeks!  They are so sweet and it’s exciting to know that in the next couple years I won’t have to buy strawberries anymore!


Carrot tops growing!
Green beans in bloom! Next comes the bean itself!
Yummy, ripe strawberries


Garden Update, 6/12/17

Two weeks has passed since the last garden update! We’ve had lots of sun, a little rain, and are now in what seems like a drought!  Even with the lack of rain (thanks to my watering) the flowers are growing like crazy!  I love taking a “tour” of my gardens almost every day to see what is blooming as it changes almost daily!  Come along with me on a tour!

flower boxes

My flower boxes beneath my windows are filling in slowly, but surely!  I love the coral color of these Fuschias and how they pop against the boxes and the siding!


What I’m Loving Right Now, June 2017

June is here, school is done (or almost) and that mean summer is official upon us!  It’s a new month, which also means it’s time for a new round of “What I’m Loving Right Now!”  It’s interesting what I love each month (even for myself to discover).  Some of it is material things and some of it is the intangible, but I think that is what gives our life balance!

Bed Sheets

Yup, you know you’re getting old when one of the things you’re loving right now is bed sheets, but I’m ok with it!  T and I have a love/hate relationship with bed sheets!  He’s pickier than I am, but I digress.  Back at Christmas, we asked for gift cards to Kohls to purchase new sheets (how grown-up of us, right?!)  and we finally used the card when we discovered that our favorite sheets at a hole in them!  What sheets did I pick up and am now loving?!  It’s these, the SONOMA Goods for Life, Everyday Sheet Set from Kohls!  I hate spending a lot of money on sheets and when you have a king size bed, they are spendy enough as it is.  I find these to be a perfect combination of quality and comfort!  They are great for heading into the warmer months as they keep that “cool” feeling, but also aren’t cold to the touch like the rest of our sheets!  I also like them because they aren’t too slinky feeling like some of the super soft sets.  These have some substance to their fabric and I like that!  If you’re shopping for new sheets, I highly recommend them!