Yoga Pants or Evening Gown?

I’m not going to lie..I’ve never been cutting edge when it comes to fashion! I’ve never really been “with” the trends or a “hip” dresser. In fact, I’ve usually gone against what is popular, just merely because I would rather be uber comfortable than wear what’s “in”. Even growing up I was more comfortable in jeans, a tshirt or sweatshirt and tennis shoes. The minute I get home from work (or anytime I’m not at work), you can typically find me in yoga pants (or shorts) and a tshirt! I’m all about comfort! Sure I own some nice clothes and can look the part of a “girly girl” if I want, but it isn’t typically something I desire!

Since I’ve met my husband and especially since we’ve been married  I’ve become much more thoughtful about what I put on.  Well, some of the time.  At home I’m still usually in comfy shorts or yoga pants and a tank or t-shirt, but when we go “out” (our out is shopping or dinner) I try to put on something a little nicer.  It might be leggings and a top or jeans and a nice shirt!  At other times to be honest, it’s still jeans and a sweatshirt.

The other night we were heading out to a work dinner for hubby’s job and I was FREAKING out about what to wear and it made me start thinking…thinking back to recent events/  I was thinking about whenever we were going to something that my hubby was represented in or for, I freaked out about what to wear!  It dawned on me, that I think more about what people think of me when I’m next to him than any other time.  I want to look good for him, I want to look good to represent him well, and I want him to be proud to be seen with me!  So, after much deliberation this is what I ended up with


Leggings, a long fitted sweater, cropped black sweater, a necklace of pinks & purples, & black ballet flats (not the best picture I know…I haven’t mastered the “selfie” yet.  I don’t know what other people thought of me or my outfit and I know that in the end it doesn’t matter, but I hope I represented my husband well and that he was proud to be seen with me!

Boys, boys, everywhere boys…

I became a parental figure at 30…to two handsome boys (then 7&11).. And nobody prepared me for what a life with boys was all about. Yeah, they were cute and would say funny things, but really…nobody prepares you to be a parent, let alone to kids part way through their childhood. There was no easing into this as they’ve grown, just all boys, all the time. That’s my life now. What have I learned about life with boys?

* bodily functions and the discussion of them is funny…ALL THE TIME!!
* boys can eat, a lot…ALL THE TIME!!
* boys produce an insane amount of laundry…ALL THE TIME!!
* boys don’t care if they run around partially clothed…ALL THE TIME!!
* boys will talk to you regardless if you are working, on the phone, sleeping, or in the bathroom…ALL THE TIME!!
* you will have a Lego stuck to the bottom of your foot and be stepping over remote control trucks…ALL THE TIME!!
* boys will laugh uncontrollably at the stupidest stuff…ALL THE TIME!!
* you will watch hours of shows about cars, talk about anything with a motor, hear that you “need” anything with a motor ( at least in my house)…ALL THE TIME!

Don’t get me wrong, I love them as if they were my own and can’t imagine a different life, but every once in awhile I wonder what it would be like to have some more estrogen in the house! a


Steak Marinade for Sirloin

How do you take your steak?  Grilled plain?  Salt & Pepper only?  How about a rich saucy glaze or marinade?

Tonight for supper I tried a new marinade recipe! I’m always up for trying new recipes.  However, I’m often met with resistance from the men in my house!

Something that I’ve struggled with since getting married is my insecurities when cooking supper. I’m a good cook, I think. But, my three boys (hubby and two step-sons) are soooo picky that I think I’ve become more sensitive! I want them to love every meal…especially my hubs. I find it hard because I love to try lots of new things and they don’t! Tonight however, I tried a new marinade on my steak and let T grill his steak just how he likes it!  (He prefers grilled with THIS seasoning on it). This worked out well for us because I was able to try a new recipe and he was happy with his traditional version!

I loved this new recipe. The lemon juice and the herbs lend a fresh taste instead of a heavy marinade rich taste and it stays very juice.  T didn’t love it because it had too many herbs for him! I came to the realization that he doesn’t have to fall in love with every meal I make and he’s not going to leave me if I make something that isn’t his new favorite!

Steak Marinade
Prep time: 
Total time: 
A fresh herb marinade for sirloin or your choice of beef steak.
  • 2 T lemon juice
  • 2 T Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 T soy sauce
  • ½ T basil
  • ½ T thyme
  • ¼ T black pepper
  1. Mix together and marinade steak for at least 4 hours!
  2. Grill to the level of done you prefer!

Sirloin marinating in the herb mixture!
Sirloin marinating in the herb mixture!

We used sirloins for this specific time and when grilled they became tender and almost caramelized the herbs on the steak!  I will caution that this recipe is very heavy on the herbs and so if you aren’t a fan, I would steer clear, but I honestly loved the rich fresh flavors!

Steak Marinade
Steak Marinade


Doing Nothing…

This past weekend the hubs and I went camping…just him, me, & the dog!  Just us!  It was phenomenal!  What did we do that made it so great?? Absolutely nothing!  It’s probably one of the best things I love about spending time with my husband is that we don’t have to anything special to love being together!  If we’re together, we’re good to go!  We shopped a couple of the little stores in the nearby town, took naps, played put put (at the campground), play several games of giant checkers, spent a lot of time watching our dog and having conversations…talking about nonesense, deep meaninful conversations, etc.  Overall, it was great and what I learned is that doing nothing at all is the best way I love to spend time with my husband!

Giant Checkers was so much fun!!
Giant Checkers was so much fun!!
Just sitting around doing nothing!  The best part of the weekend!
Just sitting around doing nothing! The best part of the weekend!
Camping is hard work for a dog!
Camping is hard work for a dog!


Hello all!  Please bear with me as I get back to blogging about my life. I blogged many years ago when I was single, very few responsibilities, and trying to figure out where life is taking me!  Ironically, so much of that has changed!  I’m now married, have two handsome step-sons, and am in the full swing of adulthood and yet still learning as I go…hence the name of my blog, so please check back soon and hopefully some of my thoughts will make it out on paper/your screen!

Where to Go from Here…

Lately I’ve been thinking hard and long about my “career”.  I have a degree in education (secondary Social Studies to be exact) and spent 2 years teaching after I graduated college.  Then, due to life happenings, I moved home and took whatever job I could find, which happened to be working at a grain elevator.  I was the secretary and quite liked it actually.  I enjoyed my farmers and the interactions with them.  I enjoyed the busy seasons, but hated the dead seasons (read: end of January – early March).  I love the things I learned about the agricultural world and ultimately this job brought me to my now husband, so I’d say it was a great experience.  The job didn’t challenge me though. There was no where for me to grow (without having to move an hour away) and therefore, I started to get bored.  I dipped my toes back into working with kids, but quickly learned that I really don’t have the patience for teaching or working with them (other than at home, with my own).  

Next, I ventured into the retail sales world.  I began as a sales consultant, worked my way up to a store manager and am now overseeing the entire company.  I love my job…most of the time.  I enjoy the lessons and challenges…usually.  However…I have begun to wonder if this is where I am supposed to be and the field I’m supposed to be in long term.  The problem is…I don’t know where I’m supposed to be.  Many people say they feel a passion for what they’ve chosen as a career.  I can’t say that.  

Yes, I have passion for my job and one of the things I’ve learned about myself is that I have passion for whatever I’m doing!  It doesn’t matter whether it’s helping to raise two boys, my marriage, being an aunt, running, my side of job of selling nail wraps, or my full-time job.  I take it on with passion and I dedicate myself to it.  That doesn’t mean however, that I feel passionate about it or that I feel “called” to do this job.  I find this frustrating.  I want something to stand out at me, I want something to call my name.  I want something to say, “Hey you, yeah…this is what you’re supposed to do with your life”.  I worry!  I worry that future employers will look at my resume and say, “she can’t pick a field, we don’t want her”.  I probably fear this the most because I believe that I am a good employee. I am loyal, dedicated (almost to a fault), and (like I said before), passionate about my job and willing to give it my all.  I just can’t find that ONE thing that I’m supposed to do for the rest of my life…will I ever?