A Smooth & Sour Moonshine Margarita

Spring is a crazy time of year in our house and this Lime Moonshine Margarita is currently my saving grace!  Ok, well…maybe it’s not as dramatic as that, but I can say that I have enjoyed a few of these in the past couple months when I have a minute of down-time!Moonshine margarita

As T and I were headed back from Branson this past February, it dawned on us, that the only souvenirs we brought back with us were alcoholic.  (I promise we don’t need AA!)  But, as it ended up on this trip, we visited the Crown Valley Distillery for a short tour and some tastings and we also visited Smith Creek Moonshine Tasting Room at the Branson Landing!


2017 Garden Update, 4/24/2017

Can you believe it?! Gardening season is finally here! Well, according to the weather forecast, it’s gardening season for a day or two then it’ll be cold and wet again! Geesh!  But, I couldn’t wait any longer, so it’s officially the first Garden Update post!  Last year, I waited until the end of May and well…that is just too long!  So, here it is!

So, is there a lot to update you on with the gardens?  Have I actually done a lot in the gardens yet?  No, not really, but I am so stinking excited this year to share it all with you, that I figured we might as well start from the very beginning, right?!

Vegetable Garden

I basically badgered T this weekend to till our vegetable garden until he gave in!  It seemed dry on the top…well, maybe he was right and it was too wet.  However, he’s as stubborn as I am, so by the time he had tilled half of it, he told me I was planting it, so planting we did!  We put in cucumbers, green onions, radishes, tomatoes, and a row of green beans!  I’m hoping the sun and warm temps today will give those little seeds a jump start otherwise, I’ll never live this down!  (I think you can see from the picture how wet it actually was..you can see where we packed it down in between rows!)  There is still the other half of the garden to till and plant (when and if it ever dries up) along with 2 other sections that are adjoining!

Vegetable Garden
April 23rd 2017 Vegetable Garden



Oven Packet Asparagus & Life Right Now

I love asparagus and pretty much anyway you cook it, I’ll eat (except pickled).  It’s one of my favorite vegetables.  Traditionally, I eat it sauteed or steamed, but the other day I was feeling adventurous and whipped up this Oven Packet Asparagus!  It’s tasty, easy,  requires little attention, and is healthy!  What makes for a better recipe?!

Life Right Now

Remember those posts where I said we were on “vacation”…meaning there was no sports season going on?  Well, that is no more!  We’re officially into the swing of track season!  Both R & M are participating this year!  It adds more track meets (19 in about 6 weeks to be exact), but I’m so excited about it!  Track is definitely R’s sport.  It’s what he excels at and I would bet to say it’s the one he enjoys the most!  This is M’s first year participating and I can’t wait to see how he does, which events he enjoys, and where this takes him!


What I’m Loving Right Now, April 2017

It’s a new month, April 2017, and that means a new series to my blog! Yay! Ok, maybe I’m the only one that is this excited about it right now, but I hope you eventually share my excitement!  I’m not a fashion or trend blogger and I’m not what one would consider high-class, but I’m real and I really love certain things, so I’ve decided to share them with you once a month!

Favorite Clothes

Gray Basic from Orange PossumThis is the first thing I’m loving right now!  I just snagged this basic tunic from my favorite boutique this past weekend, but I’m already swooning over it.  It’s basic, can be dressed up or dressed down and is uber comfy!  This past weekend, I paired it with some leggings and casual tennis shoes and it was perfect for grabbing supper out with my family!


Happy Birthday M!

I can’t believe it’s M’s birthday again! Each year it seems to come around faster and faster! He’s becoming a teenager this year and I’m in denial. In fact, I’ve been completely avoiding the topic because I get teary whenever I think about it! I’m not sure how it’s happened, but it has!

Happy Birthday M!

Dear M, 

You’re 13 today!  I don’t know how it happened!  (Funny, I started your 11th birthday letter the exact same way!)  It’s official that you’re a teenager and I’m not dealing well with it!  You, my sweet, brown-eyed boy, are such an amazing kid!  6 years ago when I joined your family, I would never have imagined what a place in my heart you would have!  And really, you’re not a boy anymore, you are definitely a young man!  And a  young man I’m so proud of!  


Italian Egg Salad – A Creamy Twist

I love hard boiled eggs, which results in loving egg salad!  Recently, I developed a love for this Italian Egg Salad and I’m so glad that I discovered it.  It’s refreshing and simple, yet full of flavor and delicious!

Italian Egg Salad

My Grandma P made THE BEST egg salad I remember ever having!  Unfortunately, she was killed in a car accident when I was 11, so I never got to write down her recipe and of course, like many grandmas, she never did document it.  So, no matter how hard I’ve tried in my adult years, I can’t recreate it, so I’ve stopped trying!  Instead, I decided to come up with my own delicious egg salad.


10-Week Wellness Challenge Update & A Giveaway

I can’t believe that we are almost finished with the 10-Week Wellness Challenge!  It seems like only yesterday that The Iowa Food & Family Project invited me to join their team!  I was so excited when they did and I had such high hopes of blowing it out of the water this year!  HA!  Well, then life happened!Wellness Challenge

I’ve struggled with being healthy for the majority of my adult life!  I’m, what I call myself, a coping anorexic!  If you look at me today you wouldn’t guess that to be the case, but it’s true!!  You see,  being healthy has several different definitions.  Obtaining a healthy lifestyle depends on your own personal situation.  For me, being healthy is finding a balance with my eating and exercise.  All of this, along with “life” during the 10-Week Wellness Challenge has gotten me to these realizations:


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

Just when we think Spring has arrived in Iowa (70 on Monday), Mother Nature proves us wrong (8 inches of snow on Sunday). So, while I was wallowing in the turn of the weather, I decided to whip up a batch of my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread for the boys and myself! It’s one we all enjoy because really…who doesn’t enjoy a warm sweet bread loaded with chocolate chips?!

There seems to be nothing like the smell of freshly baking bread in the oven when you’re dreading the impending snow storm!  We all know there is nothing like snacking on a warm sweet bread straight from the oven either!  There are probably hundreds of pumpkin chocolate chip bread recipes and while mine is nothing unique and there is nothing that sets it aside from the others, it’s pretty dang good, a classic, and super easy to throw together!