Garden Update, 6/12/17

Two weeks has passed since the last garden update! We’ve had lots of sun, a little rain, and are now in what seems like a drought!  Even with the lack of rain (thanks to my watering) the flowers are growing like crazy!  I love taking a “tour” of my gardens almost every day to see what is blooming as it changes almost daily!  Come along with me on a tour!

flower boxes

My flower boxes beneath my windows are filling in slowly, but surely!  I love the coral color of these Fuschias and how they pop against the boxes and the siding!


What I’m Loving Right Now, June 2017

June is here, school is done (or almost) and that mean summer is official upon us!  It’s a new month, which also means it’s time for a new round of “What I’m Loving Right Now!”  It’s interesting what I love each month (even for myself to discover).  Some of it is material things and some of it is the intangible, but I think that is what gives our life balance!

Bed Sheets

Yup, you know you’re getting old when one of the things you’re loving right now is bed sheets, but I’m ok with it!  T and I have a love/hate relationship with bed sheets!  He’s pickier than I am, but I digress.  Back at Christmas, we asked for gift cards to Kohls to purchase new sheets (how grown-up of us, right?!)  and we finally used the card when we discovered that our favorite sheets at a hole in them!  What sheets did I pick up and am now loving?!  It’s these, the SONOMA Goods for Life, Everyday Sheet Set from Kohls!  I hate spending a lot of money on sheets and when you have a king size bed, they are spendy enough as it is.  I find these to be a perfect combination of quality and comfort!  They are great for heading into the warmer months as they keep that “cool” feeling, but also aren’t cold to the touch like the rest of our sheets!  I also like them because they aren’t too slinky feeling like some of the super soft sets.  These have some substance to their fabric and I like that!  If you’re shopping for new sheets, I highly recommend them!


Garden Update, 06/01/2017

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve given you an update on my garden! I can’t believe it! It’s actually been 3 weeks! So, why did I wait an extra week?! Well, thanks to Iowa weather, it’s been cold and rainy! That means not much of anything has been growing! Thankfully we’ve had a few warm days, here and there, so things are slowly taking off! Come along for a tour!


The window boxes and front planter are slow growing, but they still look good!  I’m guessing the lack of sun and heat has caused them to be more delayed!

The flag pole area is slowly growing in as well!  The flowers in the top bed are filling in better than the bottom one, but I love the contrast!  I can’t wait till it all fills in!

North Flower Garden

The North bed is growing great guns!  The dianthus I got from Natural Plus Nursery this spring is blooming like crazy and I love the bright pink blooms!  The Spurge is done blooming!  The Tickseed (the really small one on the right) is getting over taken by the phlox, so I think those will need to move at the end of the summer!  My Iris’ bloomed right after I took the picture and then the great Iowa wind broke them off, so they are now in my home in a vase!  We also added mulch to this bed this past weekend and I love how it looks now!

The wild bed is slow taking off, but the daisies are now in almost full-bloom!  There are also some fun pink blooms, but you can see them behind the tall grass, so I added those to the picture! 😉

My lilly bed has taken off well as well!  My miniature Iris are blooms like crazy (as you can see) and the miniature rose bush is ready to burst!  I planted two new lily bulbs this spring, so I’m anxious to see those!  (Well, I actually planted 4, but only two made it up!)  We also added edging and mulch to this bed and we both love how it turned out!  Yay for little changes!

It’s a new one!  Can you believe it?!  T actually gave me permission to have another small flower bed!  (He thinks I have more than enough! LOL)  We have a really neat sign in our front yard with an F and our house number on it and this is at the base now!  I can’t wait to see those marigolds fill in and take over!

Finally, the vegetable garden!  This wet, damp spring has been rough on it!  Our yard slopes down into the backyard and so our garden is very wet and holds the water well!  All the rain has kept it more than muddy and clumpy, which is not ideal growing conditions!  We have now replanted a couple times, but finally are getting some things growing!  Green Beans, radishes (almost ready), a few tomato plants, and cucumbers are finally up!  Our strawberries are looking fantastic too!

Well, that’s it for the tour!  I hope you enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks bring now that we finally have had several days of sun and it’s getting warmer!  How are your gardens looking?!  Feel free to share!

Jena Henry & The Golden Age of Charli

I was recently introduced to a new author, Jena C. Henry, thanks to my friend Beth Ann. She blogs over at It’s Just Life!  You should check her out, if you haven’t already!  At the time, I was looking for some new books to read as I had just finished the series that I was working on!  Jena was the sweetest and sent me the first three books in her “Golden Age of Charli” series to read.  Sadly, almost 9-12 months later, I’m finally done with all three!

Reading is something I’ve always loved to do and would spend hours as a child doing (even past the time that my parents told me it was “lights out” time)!  As I’ve aged, I’ve gotten away from reading for one reason or the other.  Either I haven’t found an author or series that can hold my attention or I don’t make/have time to do it.

When Beth Ann recommended Jena Henry as an author, I was ecstatic for a couple reason! I was super excited to experience a new author AND I usually like anything that Beth Ann recommends!

The Golden Age of Charli

So, what did I think after I dove into the world of Charli?!  Well, let me start by saying that the first thing I did was pass the books onto my mom, who passed them onto my aunt!  Charli is a fantastic lady that Jena Henry has developed very well!  She has written Charli in a way that anyone can relate to!  She is very “real” to me and yet has a life that those in the younger generation (aka those that are still working full-time) can admire and be jealous of!  I knew that my mom would enjoy reading these books as they are at the same point in life!  Through these three books, we follow Charli & her husband, Pud, through their golden age of life together!  It’s not all roses, but yet Charli continues to praise God for the beautiful days in her life!

Overall Thoughts

Now that I’ve ready all three books about Charli, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can learn a lot from her!  I need to be more go with the flow!  I also learned that while life doesn’t always take the turns you think it will.  We are all very blessed and need to be grateful for all that we have in our life!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading these books and can’t wait for Jena to write another in the series!  It’s easy to follow along.  They flow well together and are a great way to escape our reality!

A huge thank you to Jena C. Henry who sent me the books to read free of charge!  All my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!  

Blender Cottage Cheese Pancakes

I’ll be the first to admit it, there are lots of cottage cheese pancake recipes out there, but I’ll also admit, that this one is my favorite!  It’s my favorite for a couple different reasons!  The first is that it is all made in a blender!  One “bowl” makes for easy clean-up!  The other thing that makes it my favorite is flavor!  I wouldn’t say that there is anything that makes it more special than any other, other than the seasonings and added flavors!

cottage cheese pancakes


Instant Pot Chicken Tacos with Fresh Pico de Gallo

chicken tacos

I’ve been in serious meal planning mode recently and these Instant Pot Chicken Tacos with Fresh Pico de Gallo have been at the top of my list!  Thank goodness for the Instant Pot which makes meal planning and prep so easy!  During the few weeks of track season, I seemed to have really got off the path of clean or whole eating and have been working to get back on track!

I also noticed that when I don’t meal plan, there is a lot more waste of food and even money!  Meal planning helps me save a $!  For some reason, when I don’t have meals easy to grab and portioned off sitting in the fridge, I have a greater tendency to run to a convenience store or restaurant for lunch and we even do it for supper! So, now that track is over I am making the dedication to meal plan and meal prep to save our family money!


Celebrating Memorial Day Family Style: A Round-Up

This is the first year since T and I have been married that we aren’t camping over Memorial Day weekend! Can you believe it?!  This also means that I’m on the hunt for something for us all to do!  The boys will be spending the weekend with us, but R will be working, so it’ll be T, M, & I!  I decided since I was on the hunt, I’d put together a round-up of family friendly things to do in Iowa over the weekend!

So, let’s get started!

Iowa Veterans Cemetery – The Iowa Veterans Cemetery in Van Meter, Iowa is breathtaking.  Pack up the family and take a visit to talk about Memorial Day and it’s original purpose!  What better place to do this than in the Iowa Veterans Cemetery?!  Check out what Jeni of Sincerely Iowa thought when she visited.