On a gorgeous day in Dubuque, Iowa one wants to enjoy the river and the weather!  We love walking along the Port of Dubuque River Walk!  Here you can slow down, enjoy the view, some art, and history all at the same time!

River Walk & Art Sculptures

This walkway is a paved trail that runs along the port/river and is adorned by lots of art sculptures!  Enjoy the view of the different art as well as reading about them at each stop!

While a lot of the art sculptures are more abstract, there a couple that the kiddos will enjoy like this one made of tires and stop signs!  You can climb on the seats and take a break or just enjoy reading about the artist who designed it!


On a gorgeous day you can stroll the path, enjoying the views!  With art on one side and the river/port on the other you’re bound to be entertained!  There are benches for you to sit on and just watch the ducks and geese along the banks of the river.

The Grand River Center is situated right on the banks with an all glass room that sticks out over the trail!  The day we were there, you could see a wedding being set up in inside!  What a spectacular venue for such an event!  If you’re not attending an event, take a few steps down the cement stairs and get closer to the river!

Dubuque Star Brewery Complex

On one end of the trail is the Dubuque Star Brewery Complex!  In this old magnificent building you will find offices plus the Stone Cliff Winery!  There is a patio area where you can grab a glass of wine and enjoy the view with your friends or special someone!  While you’re there, make sure to walk through the museum portion of the complex where you see old brewing equipment, old beer cans, and much more!

The collection of old beer cans is quite fascinating!  T enjoyed looking through them and remembering beers of the days gone by and can’t wait to go back to explore some more!

This ally walk-way is home to historic pieces from the breweries past days.  It also houses the offices for their event center!  (There was a wedding and reception that was set up the day we were there!  What a fun venue!)

More historic artifacts from the old brewing company!

The Port of Dubuque River walk is a great place to get close to the river and enjoy the beauty of the flowers and art sculptures!  It is also very near the Grand Harbor Resort, the National River Museum, and the Diamond Jo Casino!  Next time you’re in the area, stop by and check it out!

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  1. The River Walk is always a favorite place of ours. I wish the restaurant on the top of Dubuque Star Brewery Complex was still open (or at least last I knew there hasn’t been a new one to open again). That was a favorite couples getaway spot. The food was awesome and the location was so neat.

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