This past fall I was the lucky winner of 2 tickets to see Sara Evans in concert at the Surf Ballroom during a #MWTravel Twitter chat hosted by Travel with Sara and the Walking Tourists!   The tickets were donated by the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce and we are so grateful that they did!  Knowing that this concert wouldn’t be something that T would enjoy, I asked my mom to join me for the evening and we turned it into a mother/daughter date night!  We used to do this quite frequently when I was younger and single!  Life happens and it had been several several years for us and we had a fantastic time!

After doing some quick Christmas shopping in Mason City, we headed to Clear Lake for supper!  We both love trying new places and I had narrowed our search down to three different restaurants near the Surf Ballroom.  We had been directed by several people to try Sips, but it wasn’t open, so we went a few doors down to the Anchor Inn and are NOT disappointed that we did!  It was fantastic.

Top Rate Customer Service

The first thing that struck me was the friendliness when we entered.  We were greeted and seated by a host right away and our waitress was not far behind.  She was prompt with every request or question we had!  I will admit that I’m a pretty hard person to impress when it comes to being my waiter or waitress, but this gal (Kelsey, I think her name was) did impress me.  She found the right balance of stopping at our table and leaving us alone!  When she was at our table, she was very attentive and never acted as though she was in a hurry even though they were quite busy since it was a concert night!  In fact, every waiter, waitress, bus boy, or host we saw was very efficient but still very personable with their patrons!  Kudos to the Anchor Inn on achieving outstanding service!

Delicious Food

And the food?  Let me tell you about the outstanding food!  First, both my mom and I commented that any restaurant that has grilled asparagus as a side on their menu gets high marks right off the bat from us!  We both had a hard time deciding because everything sounded so good.  The menu has a little bit of everything on it without being overwhelming!  (Personally, I don’t like reading through 4 pages of entrees and sandwiches!)  Eventually mom decided on the special of Prime Rib with a side salad and grilled asparagus.  I selected the Poor Man’s Lobster (cod) with a side salad and added an extra side of grilled asparagus.  The cod comes with herb and butter noodles as one side, but I couldn’t turn down grilled asparagus!

Poor Man's Lobster at The Anchor Inn in Clear Lake
Poor Man’s Lobster at The Anchor Inn in Clear Lake
Prime Rib at the Anchor Inn in Clear Lake
Prime Rib at the Anchor Inn in Clear Lake

More Excellence

Our food came in a timely manner and was absolutely delectable!  My mom raved that her prime rib was one of the best she had ever had!  My cod was cooked to perfection while the herb and garlic noodles were full of flavor without being heavy!  They had a very fresh taste to them.  Of course, we both devoured our grilled asparagus!

Even though we were both plenty satisfied with our meal, we had eyed the phrase “Turtle Cheesecake” on the menu when we came in and we just had to try a piece, so we split one!  OMGoodness!!  That was quite possibly the best cheesecake I’ve ever had in my entire life!  It was well flavored without being too rich and just melted in your mouth!  Top it off with the homemade whipped cream and it was absolutely divine!  This meal was exceptional (including our glasses of perfectly sweet, but not too sweet Moscato. We were very happy women!

Turtle Cheesecake at the Anchor Inn in Clear Lake
Turtle Cheesecake at the Anchor Inn in Clear Lake

Surf Ballroom

Off to the Surf Ballroom for the concert where we snagged spots right up near the stage and enjoyed singing along with Sara Evan’s hits and the Christmas songs they had selected to perform.  Her opening act, Courtney Cole, was impressive and put on a fun show as well!  The Surf Ballroom is so iconic that you can’t help but be in awe when you enter it!  You can feel the history, the moment you step foot inside and it’s always a good time!

Sara Evans in concert at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake
Sara Evans in concert at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake

Thank you to those who hosted the chat and provided prizes so my mom and I could have this awesome evening!  It’s one we will remember for a long time and don’t worry, I’m going back to the Anchor Inn sooner rather than later to try some more menu items!


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  1. Always a wonderful evening when I get to spend it with my favorite daughter! Thanks for asking Katy. A favorite memory for sure!

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