It’s time for the annual 10-Week Wellness Challenge that is put on by Live Healthy Iowa each year and I’m so excited to be participating with the Iowa Food & Family Blogger Team again this year!

Some Background…

For the third year in a row, I’m joining a group of Iowa bloggers on the Iowa Food & Family Project’s team!  Catch those other bloggers here!

Lisa C from Midwest Mom Life

Stephanie G from Been There, Baked That

Shari H from Inked & Educated Mom

Kelli K from The Sustainable Couple

Kathy V from Kathy’s Kitchen

Mary L from Farm Girl Cook’n

Head over to their blogs and follow their social media channels to follow thier journeys!

Ok, on to business!  No one can deny that I’ve always been focused on eating healthy and leading an active lifestyle!  Some days and months I’m more successful than others, but that’s part of life, right?!  Finding the right balance of a healthy lifestyle and extremes has been a learning process (and continues to be) for me.  (Read about why HERE!) So, because of that, I’ve come up with this list of tips to leading a healthy lifestyle without going overboard!

Tips for a Balanced Healthy Lifestyle!

  1.  Don’t rely only on the scale!  Here’s the deal, if you’re combining healthy eating and working out, it isn’t just the scale that matters!  Body composition (BMI), weight, and measurements all combine to see the changes!  Working hard, building muscle, and toning don’t necessarily lose pounds, but make you look trimmer and fitter! So, remember to check all of these things before you determine if you’re being successful or not!
  2. Eat Your Veggies & Fruits! The easiest way to fill up and be healthy is to fill up on fruits & veggies!  They are so good for you to keep your system going, fruits can fill your sweet tooth, and help balance out the fats and proteins that we eat in our diet!
  3. LOTS of Water!  One of the biggest keys to a healthy lifestyle is drinking lots of water!  It helps keeps us regular as well as flushing toxins out of our body!  It also helps heal our exhausted muscles after working out!  (Check out more details about the benefits of drinking lots of water HERE !)
  4. Get Moving!  You can eat as healthy as you want, but until you get moving you truly won’t find a healthy lifestyle!  If you’re not currently participating in any regular exercise, start by walking for 20 minutes a day and move up from there!  If you’re already working out, change it up!  Our bodies get used to workouts and routines, so changing things up is important!
  5. Know That You’re Going to Fail! It sounds kind of harsh, I know, but it’s reality!  Trying to achieve a perfectly balanced lifestyle is a very hard thing and we are bound to fail at it at times!  It’s ok!  We need to know it, own it, and move forward and try to do better next time!  Some times those periods of failure will last only a day, sometime they will last a couple weeks, and sometimes they will last a month!  As long as we are aware of them and work to do better next time, that’s what counts!

The 10-Week Challenge

So, now we’re to the Live Healthy Iowa 10-Week Challenge!  Team members work together to achieve activity minutes, losing weight, and overall gaining physical wellness!  My team sponsor, Iowa Food & Family Project, works to help people in Iowa connect the farm families that grow the food with the people who eat it!  They are also our amazing team sponsors and have given me $30 to give away ($10 each) to 3 followers for fresh beef or fresh pork, of their choice!  It’s super easy to enter!  Just click below!


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A huge thank you to Iowa Food & Families for not only sponsoring me on this team, but also for giving me the Pork & Beef Bucks for me to give away!  For full details, please see the Disclosure Tab.  

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