I can’t believe another month has come and gone. I feel like I’ve blinked and February is upon us! Of course, that means talking about the things I’m loving right now!

February Brings…

For us, February brings several different things!  Basketball is wrapping up this month and we get a few more nights at home until track season starts!  T has to do some traveling for work!  This is unusual, so an adjustment for us!  Valentine’s Day, of course, will be celebrated!  It also brings me the time to do some more experimenting in the kitchen and thinking about spring travels (fingers crossed)!  Finally, it brings us to a new list of my favorite things and since February means getting more time in my kitchen, I decided that this month will be focused on  my favorite kitchen tools and gadgets!

Tupperware Mandolin

I have tons of Tupperware products in my cupboards!  T thinks we have too much!  (Is that a thing, I don’t think it is!)  I have a lot of the catalog when it comes to containers, but haven’t delved much into the gadgets except for my choppers!  (More on that later!)  But, I recently got the Mandolin and I’m in LOVE!  I’ve had one from another direct sales kitchen company and it’s been “ok”, but this one blows it out of the water!  Of course, it is a bit spendier, but totally worth it!  You can make a variety of different “cuts” plus, it cuts like a breeze.  The final positive for me, like all Tupperware products, it carries a lifetime warranty!  Even T has seen the benefit in paying a little bit more to not have to pay to replace it when something goes wrong!

Pampered Chef Micro Cooker

This thing is a game changer for me!  As you know, my life is crazy busy a lot of the time.  I don’t always have time to meal plan every meal.  I don’t always think ahead to thaw ground beef for something early enough.  And quite honestly, a lot of the time, I don’t want to spend an hour at the stove cooking supper after I’ve worked a full day away from my home and family!  So, enter the Micro Cooker!  I’ve had the smaller one for several years (way before T and the boys) and when I married T, he had the bigger one…SCORE!  These are used almost daily in our house, sometimes multiples times a day if I’m meal prepping!  Place frozen ground beef in it, cook in the microwave, and in less than 10 minutes I have completely cooked ground beef!  I can do a one pound package in about 6 minutes and 2 pound package in about 10!  Break it up and put it in any recipe you need!  SUPER fast!  And it’s dishwasher safe, which is a must in my house!  AND… both sizes are SUPER affordable!

Coated Utility Knife


Another Pampered Chef item!  (Yes, you’ll see a theme by the end of this post!)  I got one of these knives when I hosted a party several years back and have loved them so much that I’ve added three more to my collection over the years!  (Yes, I really have 4 of the same knife!)  I have other knives in my drawer, but don’t ever use them.  I will hand wash one of these to use it again before I use another knife!  They cut just about everything I ever need and don’t seem to dull!  Plus, they come with covers to keep them safe in the drawer!  I won’t cook without them anymore!

Power Chef Premium System

Another of my must-have items from Tupperware!  Well, actually this is two items, but they are so alike, I’m combining them into once!  With this system, you get the Power Chef & the Chop ‘N Prep!  The Power Chef is the bigger version of these choppers, while the Chop ‘N Prep is the smaller one!  I use the small one for things like onions (the #1 use), nuts, carrotts, etc.  I use the big for everything else: chopping broccoli, cauliflower, mixing eggs, and so much more!  They use a pull string system that seems like it would be difficult, but is really SO EASY!  Even chopping raw carrots is a breeze!  Anyone who is a semi-serious cook needs these in the cupboard!

Mix ‘N Chop

This tool from Pampered Chef goes hand in hand with the Micro Cooker!  Once the ground beef is cooked, I then break it up and crumble it with my Mix ‘N Chop.  It makes it a breeze!  I also use it for breaking up and crumbling graham crackers for cheesecake, and Oreo’s for my Oreo Salad!  I actually have it in two different sizes and use them both!

Small Eco Water Bottle

This item in my kitchen is a an item that is for everyone in the house and not just for me!  The Tupperware Eco Water Bottle is a handy way to keep bottles of water handy in the fridge while saving money and the Environment!  I have MANY of these and keep them filled with water for the boys as well as Crystal Light Lemonade!  They are great at grabbing bottles of water and this saves us money!

I’d love to know if you have any of these in your cupboards or what your favorite kitchen gadgets are!

PS – I’ve linked of each of these items to the websites of my favorite Pampered Chef and Tupperware consultants in case you don’t have a rep!  These ladies are the best!


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4 comments on “What I’m Loving Right Now – February 2018”

  1. I have almost all of these in my kitchen as well –I do not have the knives but they look pretty amazing. There is nothing that makes me much happier than having kitchen items that help make cooking and baking easier and more fun. Thanks for your fav list!

    • You’re absolutely right! Anything that makes it go smoother and faster is a winner in my book too! Thanks for stopping by!!

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