Can you believe it’s January 2018 already?!  And here we are for another edition of “What I’m Loving Right Now”.  I enjoy putting together these lists of things I’m loving right now, so I hope you enjoy reading them and I hope you can find something that might help you, strike your fancy, or fill a void in your life!

This month, I’m calling it my Direct Sales version!  I’ve shared a few things from a few direct sales friends of mine that I love, but here are a few more!  I truly love supporting as many direc sales consultants as possibl, as long as they provid me with outstanding customer service!  Those that do, earn my business for life!  I understand how how they work, and I understand what they are providing for their family, so I want to support them!

So, here’s what I’m loving this month from my Direct Sales friends!

Rodan & Fields Body Lotion

I’m always on the hunt for a good quality body lotion  and while I enjoy the “fun” scents from those body stores, my skin can’t handle it!  I have incredibly sensitive skin with eczema, so I need something gentle and highly effective!  I recently started using the Rodan & Feilds Body Lotion and I can’t praise it highly enough!  It leaves my skin highly moisturizer, has no scent, and isn’t greasy AT ALL!  My skin is instantly smooth and soft after applying!

Easton Scarf from Trades of Hope

Back in  May, I talked about one of my favorite necklaces, the Sea Glass from Trades of Hope!  Now, I’m raving about my Easton Scarf!  I earned it recently by hosting a party with my favorite TOH consultant and I’m so glad that I did!  It goes with just about everything and is my favorite colors!  Plus, the fact that it’s supporting the women of India makes my heart even happier.

Me in my Easton Scarf

Younique’s Epic Mascara

Back in June I introduced you to Younique’s Face Primer and now time for my other favorite product, their Epic Mascara!  I’ve been blessed with pretty great natural lashes, but also love finding a great mascara that emphasises them!  After many years of drugstore mascaras, I came upon the Epic Mascara and have never looked back!  It doesn’t clump, doesn’t smudge, and makes my eyelashes pop like never before!  I also feel better putting make-up on my face that is made with quality products, so double win!

Jamberry’s Hydrate Water-Based Remover Wipes

I might be biased since I am a consultant for Jamberry, but these Hydrate Water-Based Remover Wipes are where it’s at!  It doesn’t matter whether I’m using them to remove wraps or lacquer, they do it without damaging my nails!  It also takes only a few wipes to remove any product off both my hands!  The final high point for me, is no strong remover scent since they are water-based!  Woohoo!


Well, that’s it!  These are the four things from my direct sales friends that I’m loving right now!  Of course, there are many many products from companies that I love, but these are at the top of the list at this very minute!  Which products from direct sales companies are your favorite?!


12 comments on “What I’m Loving Right Now – January 2018”

  1. I love your lists and it reminds me I need to order some of those remover wipes next time I order. Favorite direct sales product right now? Hmmmm. Might be my Tupperware breakfast cooker thing that I make frittatas in. What the heck is it called? I gave one to both boys for Christmas.

  2. And I’m in love with my Tupperware Master Grater! Has made life so much easier and saves me $$$. It has earned a spot on muy counter which says ALOT!

  3. GIRL – I am a consultant with Rodan and Fields!! officially obsessed with the hydration serum, if you are dry this winter – it is a must have!!
    If you need a consultant, I would love to earn your business 😉

    • I haven’t used that, but have several consultants in my circles! Thanks for the offer! I’ve loved everything I’ve used so far!

  4. Love reading your lists! Thanks for sharing the love about some of your favorites things and WHY you love them! Keep it going 🙂

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