Supper at The Barrel House and a snack of ice cream set the tone for our outstanding trip to Dubuque, Iowa a few weeks ago!  While we were there, we grabbed 2 full meals and a snack!  Breakfast in the morning was a Caroline’s Restaurant which is in the Hotel Julien and we highly recommend!

The Barrel House

For supper when we arrived in town, we headed to The Barrel House and what a treat it was!  It’s location is super handy when you’re staying at the Hotel Julien as it’s right across the street, which is one of the reasons we selected it!

T’s selection at the Barrel House!

The atmosphere is laid back, perfect for families, a girls night out, or date night!  The selection of food is fantastic! Both T and I were pleasantly suprised and the best way we can explain it is they offer traditional foods with twists on them and it’s quite amazing!  We had such a hard time making our selections, but T ended up choosing a Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich and I chose fish and chips!  Both come with delicious french fries!  My meal also came with coleslaw and T added a side to his order as well!  And that coleslaw, let me tell you..that stuff is surely homemade and so good!  They use a variety of vegetables, herbs, and make it oh so yummy!   Both of us raved about our meals all weekend, so if you’re the area, we highly recommend you stop by this treasure!

Barrel House
My Fish & Chips from the Barrel House

I Scream U Scream

For dessert, head across the street from the Hotel, the other direction to Ice Cream U Scream! T spotted this quaint little shop the minute we pulled into town and we knew a visit was in order!  The first thing you’ll notice is the openness and the friendliness of the staff!  The night we were there, the owner herself was working and patiently answered all our questions!

The Fanta selection at Ice Cream U Scream

It’s a new business (open less than a year), but she’s got great things going between the ice cream, homemade bars, brownies, and an entire cooler full of every flavor of Fanta!  M claims Fanta is the best orange, so we know he would have enjoyed seeing all the different flavors!  You can select from hard scooped flavors (and she’ll let you taste as many as you like before making your selection), but can also opt for sundaes!  T chose a triple chocolate ice cream, and mine was vanilla with caramel, chocolate, and nuts mixed in!  So yummy!  It’s a treat that won’t disappoint!

My delicious ice cream selection

While you’re in Dubuque, make sure to visit the Port of Dubuque River Walk and Eagle Point Park! 

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