Where do you go to slow down?  I can’t say that we have ever had a regular place, but now that we have visited Dubuque, I think we have found it!  Recently, T and I headed over to Dubuque for a quick 24 hour trip to have some time to ourselves and slow down!  We stayed at the Hotel Julien and spent many hours just “being” together!  While we explored a few fun, but low-key places, this was probably our favorite and where we will return time and time again!

Eagle Point Park

For a whopping $1 per car, you get free reign of Eagle Point Park, which is owned by the City of Dubuque.  Take your time driving through the park and enjoy the many different levels of scenery!  Stop and explore the old buildings, lodges, and shelters that can be rented for a variety of events!  While we were there, we saw a 1st birthday party, a kids birthday party, and a wedding set up!  This would be an amazing back-drop for any event!  Then, head to the Mississippi overlook!  While we enjoyed explore several parts of the park, this was by our favorite!

Dam #11 on the Mississippi River

We actually spent roughly 3 hours overlooking the Mississippi River!  The weather was perfect for our visit, which aided us, but our goal had been to just “be”, slow down, and watch the river!  So, that’s what we did!  From their overlook area, you can see for several miles up and down the river!  We enjoyed watching two different barges come through Lock & Dam #11!  This is a must see if you’re in the area!

A barge sitting in Lock #11 on the Mississippi River


A barge waiting to get in Lock #11 of the Mississippi River!

Thankfully, the park provides plenty of places to sit and watch the river on benches along with lots of shade!  It was cool the morning we were there, so we spent a lot of time in the sun, but if it’s warm, you can get away from the rays of sun!

Back out onto the open river!

Whether you’re looking to slow down and do nothing at all, head to Dubuque.  You can explore museums and attractions or enjoy the river.  Whichever you choose, we know that you won’t be disappointed by a trip!

Make sure to check out the Port of Dubuque River Walk & some good places to eat while you’re there! 

4 comments on “Eagle Point Park – Dubuque, Iowa”

  1. What is the Address for this Place ? We have a Wedding there today and don’t know which Bridge to take and where we turn after the Bridge. Coming from Wisconsin.

    • The official is 2601 Shiras Ave. it’s kind of tucked away so I recommend putting it in your GPS! We did that and it worked great!! Good luck and enjoy!

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