I’m in my 3rd round of the 21 Day Fix and I fell off the wagon last week…hard! It was terrible! Following the 21DF means I’m supposed to be eating clean and whole foods.  I did NOT do that last week!  Well, actually in the grand scheme of life, it wasn’t the worst eating I’ve done, but I certainly didn’t follow the plan and it certainly wasn’t healthy either. But…I’m back on the wagon!

It’s so easy to fall off the wagon because temptation surrounds us.  I know deep down in my heart that I feel better both inside and out when I eat much more clean and whole than I have been this past week!  So, how am I going to do so? Here are a few easy tips that I’m following:

Stock Up – One of the many things that happened last week was that I ran out of fresh fruits & veggies mid-week.  I didn’t buy enough at the grocery store and then fell victim to eating whatever I had in the house (I’m not a person who gets groceries in the middle of the week), which meant processed, high-sugar, high-carb snacks!  So, this weekend I stocked up on fruits & veggies: 2 kinds of lettuce, asparagus, carrotts, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, grapes, and apples!  YUM!  I know that I shouldn’t run out this week and that already makes me feel better!

Some of my fruits & veggies for the week!
Some of my fruits & veggies for the week!

Meal Plan – For me, meal planning is making sure I have breakfasts and lunches prepared because both of those meals are eaten at work for me so I need meals prepared and ready to go without a lot of prep during the week!  I spent Sunday making whole wheat waffles, chicken and vegetable dishes for lunch along with prepping seasoned ground beef, hard boiled eggs, and making sure my turkey was in the fridge!  I’m ready to go!

Find the Cheats – Now, this tip might be deceiving.  By no means am I saying to cut corners and eat unhealthy!  Look for ways to “cheat” the system or make it easier on yourself.  For me this means, having my hubby grill an extra chicken to take to work for lunch (I ate one today cold and it was so good).  It also means instead of eating all my strawberries for breakfast, I left 3 in the container so I had something sweet to finish off my lunch! Little things like this make it easier on you and help you feel like you beat a demon!!

Drink Water – Yeah, I know we’re all told that and well all know it, but do we do it??  I recommend finding a fun glass or bottle that you really like and using it every single day!  For me, I can’t do plain water unless I’m working out, so I’m a big fan of all-natural drops or flavoring.  Of course, adding fresh fruits is best if possible: lemons, strawberries, limes, etc.  But, making sure you drink enough water helps you to don’t only feel fuller, but also to flush all the toxins out of your body!  Drink up!!

Me & my favorite water glass...of course it's Iowa State!!
Me & my favorite water glass…of course it’s Iowa State!!

Come to Grips with Reality – Here’s the deal.  There are days that you will eat better than ever!  And, there are days that you might struggle.  It’s ok…it’s reality because we’re all human.  Know when those days happen that it doesn’t mean all is lost, get back up, dust yourself off, and plan a healthy day for tomorrow.  I know that tomorrow night it’s going to be difficult for me to eat “clean” as we have a banquet to celebrate basketball season…not a lot of whole foods at a banquet. :-/  But, I’m going to pick and choose and do the best I can..forgive myself and move on to Wednesday!  You can do the same!!

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    • Thank you so much! I’m definitely not a professional, but if I can inspire just one person to be more active and healthy, I feel successful!

    • I’m totally with you on willpower…I see a cookie or chips and I’m done! I did much better last week and so far so good this week!!

  1. I love all your tips Katy! I’ve been trying to eat more clean since last summer, but have to admit as my pregnancy has gone on I’ve done more cheating than I prefer… But check in with me this summer and my plan is to be on track! Stopping by from the Country Fair Blog Party 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing this! we love having you link up at country fair blog party! and i can not wait to see what else you share next month (this sunday May 1st) opens !
    Jan @ Tip Garden

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