I’m pretty sure two weeks is going faster the further we get into the summer!  But, here I am back with a Garden Update!

Life As It Is!

Life as we know it has been busy with lots of random events!  We visited the Hancock County Fair for their night of destruction with M and several family members and friends!  It’s good old fashioned county fair fun!  I’ve had meetings for work as well as actually getting to enjoy time at home in the evening where we work in the gardens, walking Nike, and relaxing.  This past weekend, T and I got to take in an overnight in Des Moines including an iCubs game with his company!  It was great to get away for a mere 24 hours and focus on each other and having fun!

It’s Not All Roses

I’ve always been happy to show off my beautiful gardens and flowers, but…it’s not all roses!  Nope, there are parts of my gardens that I don’t like!  And…for a change, I decided to share those with you today!  These are my raised beds around our flag pole and I’m not happy with them this year…at all!


The top picture is my most disparaging flower garden yet!  These flowers have not only spread the way I had hoped, but as they remain, they look sick!  They have never looked worse, but they’ve never looked better either.  The bottom flower bed looks, “ok”.  The Bugleweed (the purple ground cover) has spread somewhat, but the Beard Tongue looked dead at one point and thankfully has slowly come back, but hasn’t grown like I had hoped…oh well!

The Lookers

Don’t worry, this whole post isn’t doom and gloom!  Let’s take a look at the flowers that have me gushing right now!  I also want to let you know that there hasn’t been any photo editing to these except for some cropping!  I love the vibrant colors that nature provides!

My miniature rose bush continues to put on two-three buds and blooms at all times and how can you not love that?!

While the Fuchsia’s in my window boxes haven’t grown and filled out like I had hoped..I still love the color.  I love the bright coral color along with the deep green of the stems and leaves!

The wild bed still has a variety of color in it!  It will just be brown and green soon, so I’m relishing in what is left!

One of the few, gorgeous Phlox blooming yet!

This fun succulent has taken on a mind of it’s own and has little starts in the pot!   How fun is this?!

The succulent in Mr. Bear is growing fantastically and I love the variation in colors!  (If you haven’t heard the story behind Mr. Bear, you can read about it HERE!)

And finally…my favorite, as always!  The very last of my lilies! garden update

Well, that’s it!  At least for my flower gardens.  You’ll get an update of our vegetable garden in another week or so!  My garden is a lot like life…it’s not always pretty and successful, but if you look around, you’ll find the true treasures and blessings!  Have a great week and hope you enjoyed this garden update!

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