I was recently introduced to a new author, Jena C. Henry, thanks to my friend Beth Ann. She blogs over at It’s Just Life!  You should check her out, if you haven’t already!  At the time, I was looking for some new books to read as I had just finished the series that I was working on!  Jena was the sweetest and sent me the first three books in her “Golden Age of Charli” series to read.  Sadly, almost 9-12 months later, I’m finally done with all three!

Reading is something I’ve always loved to do and would spend hours as a child doing (even past the time that my parents told me it was “lights out” time)!  As I’ve aged, I’ve gotten away from reading for one reason or the other.  Either I haven’t found an author or series that can hold my attention or I don’t make/have time to do it.

When Beth Ann recommended Jena Henry as an author, I was ecstatic for a couple reason! I was super excited to experience a new author AND I usually like anything that Beth Ann recommends!

The Golden Age of Charli

So, what did I think after I dove into the world of Charli?!  Well, let me start by saying that the first thing I did was pass the books onto my mom, who passed them onto my aunt!  Charli is a fantastic lady that Jena Henry has developed very well!  She has written Charli in a way that anyone can relate to!  She is very “real” to me and yet has a life that those in the younger generation (aka those that are still working full-time) can admire and be jealous of!  I knew that my mom would enjoy reading these books as they are at the same point in life!  Through these three books, we follow Charli & her husband, Pud, through their golden age of life together!  It’s not all roses, but yet Charli continues to praise God for the beautiful days in her life!

Overall Thoughts

Now that I’ve ready all three books about Charli, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can learn a lot from her!  I need to be more go with the flow!  I also learned that while life doesn’t always take the turns you think it will.  We are all very blessed and need to be grateful for all that we have in our life!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading these books and can’t wait for Jena to write another in the series!  It’s easy to follow along.  They flow well together and are a great way to escape our reality!

A huge thank you to Jena C. Henry who sent me the books to read free of charge!  All my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!  

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  1. You hit the nail on the head with this one! I need to go more with the flow as well and these books are such a delight, aren’t they? Love how generous Jena is with gifting us with great reading material as well and I am hopefully going to meet her IRL in a couple of weeks!!!!

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