I know, I know…it’s been 5 months since you’ve seen one of these!  Life happens!  But, I’m back with a new edition of what I’m loving and these really are some of my absolute favorite things, so I hope you see something you might like too!

Leafy Style

When you love something you buy one in every color, right?!  Well, I did just that with my current favorite necklace!  Back in my first edition, in April,  I talked about my favorite earrings, which are by Chloe & Isabel!  Ironically, my favorite necklace is made by the same company!  I had the silver version of this leaf necklace first and when my consultant, Mary, gave me the opportunity to buy the gold from her cash and carry stash, I jumped on it!  These are unique pendants that add a little class to every outfit!  My favorite thing about them is that the chain is connected directly to the pendant.  It doesn’t slide around!  It all stays put! I recommend getting one or both!  😉


Chino Pants

I do lots of shopping at Maurice’s store for a couple reasons!  The very most important reason is they offer women’s dress pants in lengths!  Yup, you can get dress pants in short, regular, and longs!  Most dress pants are ridiculously long on me and I hate paying to buy the pants, then paying to have them hemmed.  So, I get most my dress pants from Maurice’s and my most recent find and new love is their BootCut Chino Pant.  A lot of times at work I now wear company polos and pullover shirts, so I needed a more relaxed pant that was still dressy and yet uber comfy!  And, I found these, have them in two colors, and would like to get more!  They are super soft, have stretch to them and are flattering all at the same time!

Crumb Topped Apple Pie

Yes, I’m tooting my own horn because I love this pie recipe!  It’s easy and super yummy and would be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving or Christmas!  The use of fresh apples give it a little more substance and it doesn’t bake down like when using a pie filling!  Check out the recipe HERE!













Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme

I am a picky person when it comes to hand creams and lotions!  I have incredibly dry skin, so I want something that soaks in really well, smells nice, doesn’t leave my hands greasy, and lasts!  So, what’s the best stuff I’ve found?  It’s the Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes’ from Perfectly Posh!  It is thick and soak in really well without being greasy!  Plus, they use natural ingredients which is a plus for my super sensitive skin!

I have the best Perfectly Posh consultant and here is what she tells me about about Perfectly Posh:

Perfectly Posh is simply pampering! Naturally-based, full of awesome ingredients like essential oils, natural butters and oils, and fruit extracts! Our products are meant to nourish your skin and help you feel pampered! We are made and sold in the USA, animal cruelty free, and we don’t use any ingredients that are less than par just to fill the containers! Our main motto is “Everyone Deserves to be Pampered!” – Amber Campbell, Perfectly Post Consultant!

If you haven’t checked out their products (they are all great), I highly recommend it!

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